IWA September 26, 2003

1. King Haka v Rob Matrix - Matrix by pinfall after an elbow from the top rope
2. Mark Mercedes v Nixxon - Nixxon by pinfall with a roll up
3. Stephan Cool v Ox: Trans Tasman Title match - Cool by pinfall to retain the title after hitting Ox with the title belt
4. Stephan Cool & Mark Mercedes v Rob Matrix & Limit - Matrix & Limit by pinfall when Limit pinned Cool after a splash from the top rope


Second trip to the Royal Melbourne Show for the IWA, and this time we had a full day of four shows. And after being free on Tuesday, now there was a $2 charge. This cut down the crowds - especially as there were vantage points outside of the paid area where people could watch without paying.

The 11am show saw King Haka take on Rob Matrix. Haka didn't do the one man harka but he did put rugby on a pedastal again, and heeled on Anthony Rocca just to make sure! The two men worked a slow match, which suited the Kiwi - and he was using that something chronic. And when he called out early in the match "Kiwis are the best!" I couldn't resist it! I yelled out "Aussie Aussie Aussie!" and the crowd instantly responded "OI OI OI!" so I finished the whole thing!! Haka was furious - and I loved it! He pretty much controlled the match with two submission holds - the Tongan Death Grip and a bear hug. But Rob managed to secure the victory with a Macho Man Special - the elbow from the top rope.

The 1pm show saw Mark Mercedes come out and issue an open challenge to anyone in the back. This was after he heeled on the AFL, attracting a "Thugby!" shout from yours truly which got a "Shut up!" in reply! He came out dressed in an outfit that looked like it was lifted from Oxford Street in Sydney, and that look brought out Nixxon of all people! She accused the IWA champion of looking like a girl, so he might as well wrestle one! Mercedes was unimpressed, and spent the match toying with her - and even taking her shoulders off the mat when he could have pinned her. Finally, Madison had seen enough and she ran out to the ring and argued with Mercedes. Nixxon took the open gate, and schoolboyed Mercedes for the upset pinfall! The IWA champion was horrified! Lucky his title wasn't on the line!

The 3pm show brought out the Timelord's old enemy - Stefan Cool. We were exchanging words in virtually no time at all, as he also issued an open challenge to the back - for his newly won (I assume) Trans Tasman Title. That challenge was answered by Ox - and Stefan was back pedalling fast. But Julian James and Cool managed to get Ox to agree to any match condition they decided on. I'll bet the Ox wasn't bargaining on a special referee - Mark Mercedes! It very quickly turned into a three on one, as Mercedes tried to fast count Ox, but swallowed the instant Mandrax when Stefan's shoulders were down - or made some sort of excuse like a cramping leg or whatever. Finally Ox had taken enough and he trapped Mercedes in the corner. Cool tried to belt him from behind, but Ox moved and Mercedes took the shot! Cool was soon kissing canvas as well, and Ox went for the cover. With Mercedes down, in came proper referee Luke Brown and counted three! But Mercedes recovered, over ruled Brown (as the official ref) and removed him from the ring in the usual manner after taking the title off him. James took it off him and gave to Cool who used it to deck Ox while he was arguing with Mercedes! The three count followed, and then the three men started a triple team before Rob Matrix and Limit cleared the ring. Matrix quickly issued a challenge to Cool and Mercedes for a tag match at 5pm, a challenge that was rejected - only to have Tyrone Townsend use the crowd as a guide so they had no choice!

Rain cut the 5pm crowd down given that the aluminium bleachers were soaked (thanks to Tyrone for giving me a newspaper to take care of one part in my usual spot). There was plenty of excitement in this match as Luke Brown had terrible trouble keeping the heels in line - twice missing a Matrix tag in. Limit was kicked his tail absolutely smacked, but finally he managed to escape and make the hot tag - and the crowd popped! Matrix cleaned house with venom but Mercedes got him from behind. Cool got his Trans Tasman title belt, and tried to deck Matrix, but Rob ducked and Mercedes took the shot. Matrix threw him out before planting Cool - and Limit nailed a top rope splash for the victory (and another pop!)

I wasn't going to be back, but a couple of tickets quickly changed those plans - so I will be back at the show tommorrow (Saturday) for four more matches. I did say that a full day of action would be better and I was right. BTW, Tyrone's co-commentator is Jackson Johnson!