IWA September 23, 2003

1. Nixxon v Madison - Madison by pinfall after a power bomb
2. Mark Mercedes & King Haka v Rob Matrix & Ox - Matrix & Ox by pinfall when Matrix pinned Haka after a splash from the top rope.


I headed for the Melbourne Showgrounds to take my first look at the IWA from Sydney.

But the day was shortened considerably by apparent safety problems with the "tent" roof. The roof wasn't covered until well after 11am, and the ring couldn't be put up until it was safe to do so. That caused the cancellation of both the 11am and the 1pm shows.

The two remaining shows only consisted of one match each, which was also a bit disappointing. I did expect two matches per show. But what we got was pretty good - and the bleachers were full for both shows to the tune of about 500 people.

The first show featured Madison taking on Nixxon. Nixxon was billed as the Pan Pacific Amateur Gold Medallist, and she had Missy Manson (no relation to Mike Manson *LOL*) in her corner. Nixxon defied her amateur billing by working a nasty match with kicks, hair pulls and the use of a bandage, with only a figure four leg lock in her arsenal in this match. Missy interfered liberally, but Madison came up trumps after trapping Nixxon on the second rope, and picking her up and planted her with a power bomb.

The second show saw a tag team match - and I was taken by surprise that Mark Mercedes had regained the IWA Heavyweight title. He tagged up with former All Star Wrestling star King Haka against former IWA champion Rob Matrix and Haka's old nemesis Ox. Mercedes did his usual, heeling on Victoria ("the only thing good that comes out of Victoria is the Hume Highway!") and Haka backed that up by putting Thugby Union on a pedestal - irking the pro AFL crowd. The presence of Julian James at ringside also added colour. Matrix was billed as from Victoria - not sure if that's true or not - but he wasted very little time getting the crowd right behind him with a couple of arm drags right out of the class of Ricky Steamboat! It took an effort for the heels to get control - and in this match I have to say the weak link was the referee, Luke Brown. He was like a stung mullet in there at times. The match was very good, and the crowd popped when James was tossed off the top rope into his charges. Mercedes was deposited ringside, and then Ox cleaned up Haka with a spear. Matrix nailed a top rope splash and got the win and an even bigger pop from the crowd.

I didn't get to referee, but I left my phone number with the guys just in case. Tyrone Townsend was a face commentator, countered by a heel commentator, Jackson ? (you think I can think of his name at the time of writing! *rolls eyes*). They did a good job.

If I don't get called beforehand, I will be going back on Friday for a second stint. I enjoyed the show all up, and a full day of action will be even better.