HRPW October 18, 2014

Session 1
1. Jesse v Lucky Luke - No Contest
2. Jesse v Blake Mitchell - Jesse by pinfall after a huracanrana from the top rope
3. Mouse v Nick Eclipse: Non Title Match - Eclipse by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
Session 2
1. The Outbackers v Nick Eclipse & Blake Mitchell - The Outbackers by pinfall when Jesse pinned Mitchell with the flying body press
Session 3
1. Lucky Luke v Mouse - Mouse by pinfall after the Famasser
2. Nick Eclipse v Jesse: HRPW Title Match - Eclipse by pinfall to retain the title after the power bomb
3. Battle Royal - Nick Eclipse last eliminating Mouse and Lucky Luke

The second day was hotter than the first and thank goodness we weren't working on Sunday because that was worse still!

Blake Mitchell must have been affected by the heat because he took it upon himself to interrupt the first match in session one (causing the no contest) attacking both wrestlers. Jesse fought back, and I was quick to start the second match on the spot. And Jesse got him a ripper. You have to love karma after that win! Mouse wasn't so fortunate as his day one issues continued and Eclipse made short work of him.

Session two as indicated only had the one match - and it had to be uneasy between Eclipse and Mitchell. And I guess they were off as The Outbackers used the fact that they were an established team to get the better of their ego driven opponent. Mitchell was knocked about, and as it turned out I think came to his senses after that.

Session three was in the cool evening thankfully with Mouse picking up another win over Lucky Luke. Mitchell then announced that he had a title shot against Nick Eclipse, but he had to pull out thanks to the previously mentioned "being knocked about" (I later found out he had a slight concussion). Jesse stepped up, and the champion had real trouble putting him away - even getting it my face over the inability to get the three count, and I shoved him down letting him know who was in charge! Finally the power bomb was too much, and Blake - who watched the whole thing from a distance came into the ring with the title belt. There was a bit of a stand off, before Eclipse caught Mitchell with the Diamond Cutter!

That led into the Battle Royal - and not for me this time! There were only four guys in it and Eclipse won comfortably, but Mitchell soon got his revenge laying him out with the DDT!

The crowds watching were bigger today than Friday, and I did enjoy myself. Hopefully I can make it to the next shows in 2015!