HRPW October 17, 2014

Session 1
1. Lucky Luke v Jesse - Luke by pinfall with a roll up
2. Blake Mitchell v Mouse - Mitchell by pinfall after the DDT
3. Nick Eclipse v Jake Navara: Non Title Match - Eclipse by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
Session 2
1. Lucky Luke v Mouse - Mouse by pinfall after the Arabian Moonsault
2. Jesse v Jake Navara - Navara by submission with the half crab
3. Blake Mitchell v Nick Eclipse: Non Title Match - Mitchell by pinfall after the flying bodypress
4. Battle Royal - Jake Navara last eliminating Nick Eclipse

HRPW held it's first matches in almost a year at the Mildura show and it was great to be back in the striped shirt. We had another ref who was given some experience in the second session and because there were only a small number of wrestlers, I stuck my hand up to join in the Battle Royal for the third wrestling match of my life. I was eliminated first this time, by Jake Navara - but I got some shots in and somehow I felt a bit better about this effort. Although my tracksuit pants nearly came off on my elimination!! Naturally I didn't see much of it after that and Navara won the match with Nick Eclipse going out last.

That was a bit of revenge for Navara after losing the non title match in the first session. They were trying each other out, but Eclipse caught Navara with the Diamond Cutter and got the victory.

I didn't see the other match that the other referee handled, except for the ending. Mitchell's flying bodypress was nailed to perfection, including the take by Eclipse. When taking a flying body press, jump back into it. It makes it look that much better than just taking it on a collapse like most people do.

The HRPW regulars did struggle a bit as they hadn't been in the ring for awhile. I did like Jesse's effort against Navara - Jake still has this knack of bringing less experienced opponents up to his level and this was no exception. Navara though doesn't usually use a submission hold, but this time he did for the tap out.

Mouse worked hard, but he was out of practice and had his issues and he knew it - especially the second time against Lucky Luke when he was ill afterwards. If effort counts for anything he had a good day really, and he beat Luke as revenge for Luke's win over Jesse earlier. Jesse wasn't happy about it and complaining about a handful of overalls. I never saw that. Mouse's other match was a fairly easy loss to Mitchell.

I did use sunscreen but not everywhere as I should have and my face got burnt. I'm taking no chances on day two!