HRPW November 27, 2013

1. Jake Navara v Lucky Luke - Navara by pinfall with a reverse sunset flip
2. Nick Eclipse v Blake Mitchell: No DQ Non Title Match - No result
3. Jay Valente & Micky Vendetta v The Outbackers - Valente & Vendetta by pinfall when Valente pinned Jesse with a roll up
4. Rocky Menero v Orlando Jordan - Jordan by pinfall after the Downward Spiral
5. Nick Eclipse v Blake Mitchell: No DQ Non Title Match (continued) - Eclipse by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
6. Johnny Barnes v Bob Holly - Holly by pinfall after the Alabama Slam

Tonight was a major highlight of my life in pro wrestling just short of a personal event. I got to referee not one but two former WWE superstars, and Bob Holly in particular got a massive pop when he came out - the amount of noise was so intense it was bouncing off the walls!! It also helped that his opponent Johnny Barnes (AKA Johnny Kash from the old XAW days - it was great to see him again after so long) had his own personal verbal lynch mob that the rest of the crowd gleefully went along with! Barnes did his best, but Holly had too much experience for him in the end and got the strong win with the Alabama Slam.

Orlando Jordan's pop wasn't as big, but he was also helped by the general hate the SA crowd has for Rocky Menero - who gave Elizabeth a big serve. Orlando took advantage of that with a popular reply that I didn't quite hear, but I did hear his second crack - wondering if that moustache of his was shit on his lip! He did give an advance apology to any parents with kids in the crowd. This was the match of the night for me as it was equal with Menero showing he could cut it against elite competition.

And at the end of the night Jordan did go out and join Holly in the ring. They are good friends legit (Bob was delighted to see him when he arrived backstage).

Now even though this was technically an HRPW show, "Superstars of Wrestling" was still Blake Mitchell's shindig despite losing the HRPW ownership at Hardcore Paradise to Ben Johns. And he took advantage of that and signed a No DQ non title match against Nick Eclipse to try for some revenge. It went to the floor in an instant, and it spiralled out of control and backstage!! And it kept on going out the door!! There was a show on so I headed back out but as the fight was continuing I was in no position to call it a no contest or anything else! In 11 years of refereeing I've never had that happen before! And it was still going when they returned through the front door of the venue! That's why the split in the results above. Finally they took it back into the ring, and Mitchell had this when he nailed the DDT after a drop toe hold into a chair. But some moron in the company of Johns yanked me out of the ring to stop the count! That pissed me off, and Mitchell went for the DDT again only to have it shook off and the Diamond Cutter was nailed. I wasn't happy counting three on that but I had to.

I'll tell you - Jake Navara is a.....I can't say it! Whatever happened to the Ryan O'Hare I used to know?? Boy I hope Josh Extreme tears him a new one in Melton in a little under two weeks! Lucky Luke gave him all he could handle, but Navara reversed the sunset flip on him and got the pin. Tommy J (the ring announcer) was not impressed with me and I found out later that Navara had used the ropes and I never saw it.

And the Outbackers continued to have trouble with Jay Valente. This time he had Micky Vendetta as a tag team partner - and they had matching tights!! I couldn't hide my amusement at that fashion faux pas and neither could Jesse or Mouse! Mouse though was being beaten up and for some reason Ben Johns distracted me when Vendetta had Mouse in the full nelson. When he jumped down Jesse was in the ring so I decided as a penalty for Johns to let it go. Trouble was Valente rolled him up and pinned him again!

Another Superstars of Wrestling show is planned but the date is to be confirmed. I do know what it is, but I'm keeping it under my hat for now. However another former WWE star has been announced for it - Chavo Guerrero!

Unfortunately that show had to be cancelled.