HRPW October 26, 2013

1. Faceless v Blake Mitchell - Mitchell by pinfall after the DDT
2. Micky Vendetta v DT Carter - Vendetta by pinfall after the Superkick
3. Lucky Luke v Simple Simon - Luke by pinfall after the cradle neckbreaker
4. Blake Mitchell v Micky Vendetta: Kendo Stick match - Mitchell by pinfall after Vendetta hit himself with the kendo stick
5. Jay Valente & Benny Factor v The Outbackers - Valente & Factor by pinfall when Valante pinned Mouse with a roll up
6. Blake Mitchell v Nick Eclipse: HRPW Title TLC Match - Eclipse by pinfall to retain the title after the Diamond Cutter

I'll start this report by doing some out of ring updating. Operations Manager Ben Johns has joined Australia's Most Wanted as their manager, and at the last Underground show he fired Benji the Clown. Tonight he announced a clean up program and that was going to have huge ramifications by the end of the night.

The first order of business though was keeping his champion Nick Eclipse safe. That involved getting Micky Vendetta through the four man tournament to decide who would face Eclipse in the main event. Getting by DT Carter wasn't an issue, but after HRPW owner Blake Mitchell got through in his semi over Faceless AMW needed to eliminate the Portrait of Perfection. And Micky stuffed it up! Johns made the match a "Singapore Cane" match (I prefer the term Kendo Stick hence the reflection in the results above) but that not so bright twit missed Blake, got the top rope and science did the rest on the rebound! Mitchell took the gift making Johns have to rejig his plans.

But then he uncorked a game changer. When he came out with Vendetta and the champion he told Mitchell that the match wasn't going ahead - unless Mitchell agreed to put his ownership on the line in the match! Blake thought about it, and after deciding that Johns couldn't do any harm to the name and also that Superstars of Wrestling was safe - he put his heart ahead of his head and agreed! This TLC match was different in that it had to end in a pinfall or a submission, and in the end that probably cost Blake. He did his best and the action was so hot and heavy the middle rope came loose when Mitchell was thrown onto a ladder that was leaning on said rope. But just when Mitchell had this he let Johns and Vendetta divert him and out of nowhere Eclipse nailed the Diamond Cutter. I was horrified at that and I made sure Blake got a microphone to say something and I also tried to start his music when he finished only to have Johns kill the audio on it!! Believe me, I told Blake that if he wants my help with this situation he's bloody well got it!! This is 2005 all over again!!

Also as a part of the "clean up program", Johns fired the popular Simple Simon and his valet Melody!! That was after a good match between Simon and Lucky Luke, which started okay but Luke decided to get nasty when being nice clearly wasn't working for him. I was worried (as indicated above I reffed this match) when Melody got in the way of a jump from the apron that Luke was going to do but luckily Luke wasn't that nasty. However in the end he did a pretty cheap thing. He finished Simon off with his own move after blocking Simon from doing it! That wasn't very nice! But that was nothing when Johns did what he did! On that occasion he got his music to dance to as a farewell, and I suspect that Johns stopped me from playing Blake's after being caught on the hop that first time.

In the tag team match, Benny Factor arrived at HRPW in the place of Jay Valente's regular partner Andy Lixx and boy did I have trouble with him! Mouse though put the opposition in a foul mood by messing with Jay's hair! You don't touch the hair! This got out of hand and I lost track of who the legal man was and poor Jesse was sent flying to the floor and he wasn't moving. I was about to go out and check on him when behind my back Valente rolled Mouse up and I counted three. Something apparently led up to that but I don't know what because I didn't see it. Jesse was okay.

There was no ring announcer tonight so Blake had to handle what he could and once I realised what was going on I backed him up when he couldn't do it himself. After Blake's firing it was appropriate that I farewell the show and remind everyone out there about Superstars on November 27. Johns couldn't stop me from doing that believe me!