HRPW July 27, 2013

1. Lucky Luke v Jack Rossely - Rossely by pinfall after a sit out Attitude Adjustment
2. Des & Troy v Mouse & Jesse - The Outbackers by pinfall when Mouse pinned Troy after the springboard split legged moonsault
3. Simple Simon v Faceless: No Holds Barred Match - Simon by pinfall after the modified Page Turner
4. Sleester v Chris Taylor - Taylor by pinfall after the spear

5. Nick Eclipse, Joe Mundie & Micky Vendetta v Nacho Man, Blake Mitchell & Benji the Clown: Elimination match
- Mundie pinned Nacho with a side roll up
- Vendetta pinned Mitchell after a package piledriver from Mundie
- Benji pinned Vendetta after the Black Hole Slam
- Mundie was DQed for refusing to break off the ropes
- Benji pinned Eclipse after the Black Hole Slam

It was great to be back refereeing again and in the end it was a pretty easy night for me even though I had three of the five matches.

The main event was mayhem with the HRPW champion Eclipse avoiding the number one contender Benji like the plague, and Vendetta doing likewise with Mitchell. I don't think Blake minded though because it was already announced that he would get Vendetta one on one at the next show. Eventually things got moving and Team HRPW got into some bother when Mundie got rid of Nacho Man, and then Mundie got Blake with the package piledriver gifting Vendetta that pin. It left Benji on his own, but he fought back getting rid of Vendetta. Mundie went after Benji and the referee DQed him for refused to break off the ropes when told. Damage had been done, but not enough as Benji sent a loud message with that victory. The rest of Australia's Most Wanted quickly attacked with weapons, and that had Mitchell and Nacho in to make the save only to be overpowered. Benji's nose was bloodied and Blake was busted open - and thanks to referee Jason Taylor not only being afraid of clowns, but of blood as well it took me to check that everyone was okay.

I knew from past experience that matches with no rules required nothing but counting pins or checking for submissions. Simon and his valet Melody were doing a dance when Faceless jumped Simon from behind. I made sure Melody was safely on the floor before watching the match. For a No Holds Barred match there wasn't much to it and once Simon got back into the match he took the win well. Faceless did escape that finisher twice, but it was third time lucky for Simple Simon. During the match Faceless did menace Melody and it took all of my self control to stop from getting in his way!

Sleester was thrashed. Absolutely squashed. Not an offensive move in sight and one attempt at grabbing the boot was answered with an enziguri. Cannonball was so dominant he even took a call from a fan to nail the spear! And it was a placid match between two good guys in Luke and Jack. Rossely picked up with win once he took control.

Destroy dominated Jesse, but they failed to capitalise and it broke down and Jesse took out Des with a flying reverse elbow from the top rope allowing Mouse to finish that off. Full of heart those Outbackers!

HRPW is promoting a version of Superstars of Wrestling in November and two stars were announced. The first was Orlando Jordan and the second was Bob Holly!

I'll miss the next show, Come Out and Play, on August 31. But the one after I'll be there for - Hardcore Paradise. A name that rings a pleasant sounding bell for me as it was the name of the show in 2006 when I pulled triple duty for XAW!