HRPW June 1, 2013

1. Des v Jesse - Des by pinfall after the chokeslam
2. Simple Simon & Lucky Luke v Faceless & JW - Simon & Luke by pinfall when Simon pinned JW after the legdrop
3. Nacho Man v D-Volt - D-Volt by pinfall after the Big Ending
4. Nick Eclipse & Micky Vendetta v Blake Mitchell & Chris Taylor - Mitchell & Taylor by pinfall when Mitchell pinned Vendetta after the DDT
5. The Great Australian Rumble - Benjy the Clown to earn a shot at the HRPW champion
Order of entry; 1. Micky Vendetta, 2. Blake Mitchell, 3. Simple Simon, 4. D-Volt, 5. Lucky Luke, 6. Faceless, 7. Joe Mundie, 8. Jack Rossely, 9. Chris Taylor, 10. Atom, 11. Jesse, 12. Troy, 13. Des, 14. Mouse, 15. Kobal, 16. JW, 17. Sleester, 18. Nacho Man, 19. Benjy the Clown, 20. David Hawk 

It was a fantastic feeling to be working my first show in just under seven months (the last being NAW Adrenalize in November 2012).

The main event had plenty of referees to look after eliminations. Aside from myself there was regular HRPW ref Jason Taylor, and also Melody - who's role on the show usually I don't know. There was also Housos Davey Cooper, who didn't take any nonsense from the heels in particular, and the return of The Hallmark - Blake Mitchell's old tag team partner who he greeted at ringside in typical fashion. And The Hallmark wasn't even wearing his ref shirt! He just stuck it in his back pocket! There was plenty happening as Blake Mitchell wanted to teach Micky Vendetta a lesson, even after he kicked his rear in the tag team match (more on that in a minute). But Vendetta was taking a hike to the floor avoiding him and I was getting frustrated! It got worse when Simple Simon came in. Vendetta got some help from D-Volt, but that was soon gone so he was still flooring himself (and I gave up at that point) until his buddy Joe Mundie arrived at number 7. That helped his confidence - until Chris Taylor arrived at number 9! That lot were pretty much going at it while Jesse got into bother with Troy and then even more bother with Troy's tag team partner arrived in Des. Bodies were flying out and at one point I thought Vendetta was gone, but Jason was quick to correct me. I thanked him for that one. There were still plenty of people in there when the late draws came in - and the Northern Wolves Soccer Club went BALLISTIC when David Hawk made his return. And his superkick on Vendetta was poetry! I didn't see how it happened, but Blake was eliminated by Vendetta, and soon we were down to four - Taylor, Vendetta, Mundie and Benjy. David had been eliminated and took a shot to the elbow causing me to have to help him to the back. Chris went for the Cannonball but Mundie low bridged him and it was two on one. But then Vendetta goofed and sent Mundie out of there! Nick Eclipse - the champion - arrived at ringside just in time to see that happen, and then Vendetta was sent flying by Benjy for the Clown to take the victory!

All that was after the semi main event in which Vendetta was trying to avoid Mitchell like the plague. It was the same with Eclipse and the Cannonball! Mitchell got into bother, but he managed to escape and tag and Vendetta was getting his clock cleaned. Eclipse wanted nothing to do with it now, and Mitchell decked Vendetta with the DDT for the win. And to add injury to injury, Vendetta ate the Cannonball post match.

The Nacho Man was keen to have a piece of Mundie meanwhile, but Mundie introduced him to his opponent for tonight - D-Volt! I haven't seen him since RWA in Melbourne folded and he was good I have to say. Mind you, Mundie made himself the referee and poor Nacho was having to kick out quick smart to avoid a fast three count - even faster than my controversial one in Ballarat in June 2012! But Mundie didn't need to fast count after D-Volt nailed his version of Big E Langston's Big Ending for the win. And then Mundie decided on a post match assault that culminated in a package piledriver that had me and Jason Taylor out there to shoe Mundie off.

The other tag had some comedy in it, with Simple Simon coming to the ring to a remixed version of the old 60's toe tapper "Simon Says". This match had some issues I have to admit but it was okay considering, and Faceless decided to walk out on his partner leaving JW to eat a Simon leg drop for the win. Ben Johns then took note of Faceless's walk out and signed Faceless and Simon one more time - in a No Holds Barred match!

Des lived up to the name of the team that he is a part of - Des-Troy (get it?) and destroyed Jesse, one half of another tag team in the Outbackers. The chokeslam was hard, but when he went for another post match, Mouse charged the ring and Des decided to make like a drum and beat it.

I hope to be at Winter Warfare, which is on July 27. It depends on money.