HRPW November 11, 2006

1. Joe Mundie pinned Ernesto Covino in a TV Title Tournament semi final after the Downward Spiral
2. Ace Wilson pinned Ghost in a TV Title Tournament semi final after a pumphandle back suplex
3. M Shadow pinned Beharz with a roll up
4. Big Mike pinned Francesco Covino after Sliced Bread #2
5. Ace Wilson pinned Joe Mundie in the TV Title Tournament final to win the title after a shot with a trolley pole 

I was back in the saddle again on November 11 for HRPW back at the Uley Road Hall. A slightly smaller crowd than that at Hardcore Paradise attended, and problems beset the show unfortunately.

For a start, both of the new radio microphones decided to play up. One refused to work at all, and the other only seemed to work backstage. Blake Mitchell was pissed off and I didn't blame him after the money he spent on the things! We also had the lights go out during the third match (curiously the power points still worked). I saw a flash over the roof outside and there was lightning around, but as I think about it I wonder if someone was playing around with the fuse box.

The lack of a working microphone spoiled the promo between myself and Ben Johns. We had to do the thing with just our voices, and I guess it came off pretty well. It was a standard SA v Victoria promo, whereby I put the Bushrangers, the Melbourne Victory and the Melbourne Cup over - and also compared Morphettville racecourse to a country farm out at Bolivar (the first country locality you go through once you leave Adelaide on Highway 1). We inevitably went AFL and Ben revealed my character to be a Carlton supporter and made mileage out of that. I thought about mentioning the Bullants but thought better of it after the mention of Central Districts went down like a lead balloon in August. Ben then went to my childhood problem (legit BTW) with warts. That led to the use of the Roddy Piper line from Mania 5 with Morton Downey Junior to finish off the spot. It would have worked a lot better with a working microphone.

The wrestling was OK. It wasn't as good as Hardcore Paradise, and the main event was annoying to watch. It was the final of the TV title tournament between Joe Mundie and Ace Wilson. The main problem with this match was that Mundie did a number of heel things despite being the face, and Wilson wasn't aggressive enough and as a result wasn't getting the heat he should have been. He also didn't control the match as a heel should. I put that down to lack of experience for both of them. Luckily, Ace did start to get heat towards the end of the match - but then everyone was distracted when a big table spot went wrong. Joe went for a sunset flip over the top rope to power bomb Wilson through a table but he didn't hold him and went through the table himself. Blake was furious because he was banking a lot on that spot. The spot when the referee went down was done well though, and Wilson nailed Mundie with a trolley pole. That was my cue to emerge in my ref shirt (with bow tie!) and make the three count. But no title belt! I called for it - and out came Blake Mitchell. He wasn't impressed with what I'd done and it looked like he wasn't going to allow the result. I made a second three count to emphasis the point, and he ended up signing a rematch for the next show. I probably should have played the rule book at him - this was an impromptu spot as it was Ben who should have come out and done something completely different. Blake did this because of what happened during the match and was his contribution to saving the whole thing.

I wasn't able to concentrate much on the other matches as I couldn't really watch properly from backstage. The semi finals of the TV title tournament weren't bad. I was hoping Ghost would follow up on his good impression at XAW Hardcore Paradise. He didn't unfortunately, but he did get my attention with his selling. Trouble was he overdid it at times. However if I had a choice between over selling and under selling I'll always take the former. He lost to Ace Wilson after what I've called a pumphandle back suplex. The better match up of the night was the other semi between Joe Mundie and Ernesto Covino. Vincenzo and Francesco were at ringside and that meant trouble for Mundie. But he survived it and got the Downward Spiral for the victory.

In the other matches M Shadows beat Beharz with a roll up, and Big Mike upset Francesco Covino after Covino overdid it with the arrogance, and was quickly nailed with a neatly applied Sliced bread Number 2 a la Brian "Spanky" Kendrick.

This all took place in front of senior PWA Adelaide member John E Radic. I don't know what he thought, and whether or not he was happy enough with what he saw. It depended on if he was looking at the show, or at individuals. With what happened on the night I hope it was the individuals. He left before the table spot foul up. Another PWA Adelaide guy - Kinkaid - was also there.