GPW August 29, 2015

1. Ali & Xavier Black v Zac & Keegan - The Future Kingz by pinfall when Zac pinned Black after the Frog Splash
2. Chris Trance v Leon Knights - Trance by pinfall after the Transplant
3. Benny Factor v Damian Rivers - Factor by pinfall after the Lariat
4. F.O.X v TD - F.O.X by pinfall after the Tombstone Piledriver
5. Tommy Hellfire v Mitch Waterman - Waterman by DQ when F.O.X interfered
6. Judd Newman v Mr.Juicy - Juicy by pinfall after the Stunner

Despite the unpredictable weather a good crowd turned up again for this show, and with injuries there had been a few changes. Judd Newman claimed that he was the GPW champion when we all knew better, but when he was faced with Mr Juicy I could see a Stink Face in his future. The main event ebbed and flowed and there was plenty of fun - including when Juicy hid in the crowd before grabbing a chair and sitting in the ring. Newman didn't think it was funny. Neither did I as I rejoined "it's hilarious", and got a threat from Newman in reply. But it got funnier when Juicy wanted to talk it out and they were soon exchanging belts from the seated position. Edwin Lay tried to stop that and got pushed away but he rebounded and pushed both men right out of their chairs! Finally when Newman escaped what was going to be a particularly vile Stink Face (skin only - you work it out) he decided to take the belt and walk, only to be cut off by it's true owner - the injured JC Taylor! Thrown back in the ring, Newman ate a Stunner and that was the match! Taylor then added an exclamation point with a spear, and then Newman got what he deserved - the skin and all version of a Stink Face!

It's not over between F.O.X and Mitch Waterman. After the crazy one (yes, he is crazy and I called it much to his fury) managed to finally score a win in GPW over one half of the World's Friendliest tag team, F.O.X arrived at ringside and yanked Waterman to the floor and attacked him. This was after Tommy Hellfire had jump started the match on the floor and it took forever to get matters back into the ring so the bell could be rung. Waterman showed all the heart he's been known for and Hellfire helped by underestimating him. He still managed to nail the TKO and that was when F.O.X interfered. Hellfire stood back as F.O.X decked the referee for trying to stop the attack and nailed Waterman with the Tombstone, and then he decided to pick the bones - until the injured Andy Rhodes took leave of his senses and intervened. Hellfire shoved him down, but nothing else happened. That could be a set up for a tag team match at the next show.

Another injury was to Jake Lindo, and Ali was forced into a temporary alliance with Xavier Black. But the cracks between the two were obvious, as Ali was clearly not impressed with his partner - at one point clearly stating "Lindo does it better". In the end, Ali just stood on the floor and watched as Black was squashed with the Frog Splash. A post match argument and Black slapped Ali, and then turned his back! As Ryback would say; Stupid! One Vader Bomb later Ali had made his point. So had the Future Kingz who were from New South Wales.

It was quickly established that Damian Rivers doesn't use deodorant on his arm pits and Benny Factor wanted nothing to do with him at first! Once the lock up commenced hostilities Factor was still avoiding the offensive area, applying a Garvin Stomp at one point but staying away from the upper extremities. Rivers fought back and found the Pitstop, but when he went for a second one Factor avoided it and gave a shout out to Stan Hansen with a mighty lariat for the win. But I didn't get his post match reflection; "Bring me someone I like". Huh??

Chris Trance was sporting an eye patch as he took on rookie Leon Knights. This was a good match with Knights getting into bother with his own eyes. Knights fought back and decided to relieve Trance of the patch. The referee though took it off him, and then turned his back to dispose of it and Trance had his kendo stick and smashed Knights with it. The Transplant followed for the cheap victory.

The next show is not until November 28, and I can't go.