GPW June 27, 2015

1. F.O.X v Mitch Waterman - Waterman by pinfall with a crucifix
2. Jake Lindo & Ali v Sketch & CJ Redfield - The West Side Elite by pinfall when Ali pinned Redfield after the Vader Bomb
3. Tommy Hellfire v Andy Rhodes - Hellfire by pinfall after the TKO
4. Syd Parker v Slade Mercer - Parker by DQ when Mercer was caught with a chair
5. Benny Factor v Josh Extreme - Extreme by pinfall after the Pedigree
6. Josh Extreme v Syd Parker - Parker by pinfall after a DDT
7. Judd Newman v JC Taylor: GPW Title Match - Taylor by pinfall to retain the title with a roll up

A bigger crowd than the last show greeted GPW this time around, and I had the company alongside me of the presently injured and convalescing Alexi Papadopolous
. Luke Woodhouse handled the ring announcing and I think that was Sean Hawkins at the controls of the audio. Edwin Lay showed up in the zebra stripes to support the ref from the last show.

Ten years ago this month, JC Taylor made his in ring debut in this crazy business of pro wrestling. He referenced all the past names he had used (Jarek Craven included of course) but he made it clear that he loved all of it including most importantly the fans. Judd Newman decided to have a disrespectful laugh at all that and JC's tag line "Search and Destroy". Taylor put words into action in the main event and controlled the match early. Newman - the reigning NAW champion - fought back but he got desperate and tried to use the title belt as a weapon. Taylor ducked and got the roll up for the win. He celebrated on the mic, but Newman struck back with a Bicycle Kick before walking off with the belt!

The next official challenger to the GPW title was decided in a mini tournament, and it wasn't long before the referee ejected Benny Factor leaving Syd Parker on his own against the much larger Slade Mercer. But Factor returned when the referee caught an accidental blow from a Parker kick out and introduced a chair. That backfired when Factor got his Panic partner by accident, but Mercer grabbed the chair - and got caught with the smoking gun! Oh boy! I've been in the ref's shoes in that one and there wasn't a choice.

No such luck though for Factor as he faced Josh Extreme (yeah I know I should say JXT but I prefer the full name). Parker opted not to stick around but that was because he had a plan in Josh won, which he did in a really good contest. Syd came out and under the guise of not wanting to return to Traralgon he wanted the final to take place right now! Extreme agreed only to get speared down by Factor and double teamed! Syd wanted the match to start after that, but it was only when Josh spoke with his heart instead of his head agreeing to that as well that the bell rang. It was a battle, but Parker won when Factor was about to be ejected for the second time in the night and a distracted referee missed the low blow! Parker followed that with a DDT and snared the number one contendership. The Grey Street Primary School Hall was livid!

F.O.X should learn to keep his mouth shut! He claimed on Facebook that Mitch Waterman's win at the last show was a miracle and it wouldn't happen again. Smartly, Waterman went into this with a different game plan - but in the wash up it was a case of one couldn't put the other away in a repeat of the last show. This time however F.O.X nailed the Tombstone - only to brag about it and not go for the cover! He paid for that when he finally went for the lazy cover, and Waterman nailed the crucifix and got him again! Served F.O.X right!

Poor Andy Rhodes. For the second show in a row he was caught by some chicanery, this time by Tommy Hellfire. Hellfire had removed the top turnbuckle pad without the referee seeing it and he dodged a Rhodes charge causing Andy to crash head first into the exposed steel. Hellfire followed with the TKO and the win.

The West Side Elite managed to best the team of Sketch and CJ Redfield, but I have to say publicly I was not impressed with Ali. He nailed the Vader Bomb nicely and there was a nice vertical suplex there as well, but he botched no less that three times. Sorry - needed to be said. At least he had a fine partner in Lindo, who like Sketch has put on some muscle albeit not as much.

The next show is on August 29.