GPW March 21, 2015

1. F.O.X v Mitch Waterman - Waterman by pinfall with a double leg hook up (Mitch's first singles victory ever)
2. Paul Thornton v Sketch v Xavier Black - Thornton by pinfall on Sketch after the Swinging Side Suplex
3. Chris Trance v Andy Rhodes - Trance by pinfall after the Transplant
4. Mickey Jackson v Josh Extreme - Extreme by pinfall after the Dynamite Headbutt
5. Syd Parker v Joey Eclipse - Parker by countout
6. Tommy Hellfire v JC Taylor: GPW Title Match - Taylor by pinfall to retain the title after the spear

I think my departure from Facebook prevented me from making my availability known for the return of GPW, so I was a spectator for this one like I was with Platinum. I know when the next show is and I can fit it in - I let management know about that.

The main event stemmed from the last GPW show I was at in Moe 12 months ago, when Tommy Hellfire jumped the then Jarek Craven from behind off a distraction by Cooper Wyle - after Craven had defeated Jake Navara to keep the title. Now JC Taylor, the champion lost no time getting in hellfire's face exchanging words and he was going great guns causing Hellfire to take a rest break on the floor. A jaw jack with a fan was a useful distraction for Taylor (earning that fan a high five from me) but as things got desperate the referee went flying. Hellfire tried to take advantage but he couldn't revive the ref and belted him again! Water provided by a fan didn't help Taylor either. Finally he revived after Taylor cut Hellfire down in mid air with the spear as Hellfire leapt from the second rope - and logged the three count.

There was a bit of fun in this show, especially from Mickey Jackson (who I was seeing for the first time since September 2011 in NAW) and Josh Extreme. Josh was a face here with Mickey being his brash self, but he wasn't happy seeing JXT outdo him on push ups and squats! This was a fine match with Josh getting the win after the top rope headbutt. Mickey was serenaded with the "Goodbye" song.

Andy Rhodes also had some fun, although speaking personally I would have preferred that he didn't draw on Hogan! Chris Trance got desperate and went for the corner turnbuckle pad, distracting the referee - and he grabbed his kendo stick and used it. The Transplant followed for the win and the crowd wasn't happy with the zebra after that one.

Syd Parker clearly was missing his Panic tag team partner as it seemed against Joey Eclipse that he was taking him lightly once he was in charge. Eclipse kept coming back at him and when Parker went to the floor and Eclipse followed with a Thesz Press from the apron to the floor he knew he was in trouble. A bash into the ring post followed by a DDT on the floor, and Parker beat the count for the countout. His tag team partner Benny Factor was more pre-occupied with loudmouth TRFM DJ Dan Robinson - who no showed. Factor cut a video promo during intermission over it.

Sketch was on the defensive as Thornton and Black double teamed him, and only seemed to worry about pins. Black was outside the ring when Thornton nailed the massive spinning side suplex and didn't get in in time to prevent the three count. As a note, Black debuted a yellow mask for this in his ring entrance.

In the opening match, rookie Mitch Waterman scored his first ever singles victory in his entire career (legit - he's never had a full singles match before as his previous one never got started due to a no contest run in) after he managed to escape what was going to be a Tombstone from F.O.X. It was a fine match with both men unable to finish off the other, and a big thumbs down to the man who presently holds the NAW Heavyweight title!

It was a good opening crowd, when you consider that GPW have never worked Traralgon before now. The ring announcer was Matt Cummins, who did a very good job from an entertainment standpoint. From what I could tell, he's a director at TRFM. The next show is far enough away for me not to have to mention it yet, but at this point I will be there.