GPW March 8, 2014

1. Andy Rhodes v Seth Maxx - Maxx by pinfall after the Roaring Elbow
2. Sam Richards v Xavier Black - Black by pinfall after the Blackout
3. Josh Extreme & F.O.X v Benny Factor & Max King - The XWO by pinfall when F.O.X pinned King after the Total Elimination
4. Joel Bateman v Turbo Wolverine v Lynx Lewis Junior: PPW Light Heavyweight Title Match - Bateman by pinfall on Lewis to retain the title after the running knee
5. Lucas Gold v Tommy Hellfire - Hellfire by pinfall after the Jack Knife Power Bomb
6. Siren Monroe v Nikita Naridian - Nikita by pinfall after the Roaring Clothesline
7. Jake Navara v Jarek Craven: GPW Title Match - Craven by pinfall to retain the title after the spear from the second rope

It was back behind the sound desk again for me for this show, but I also had the additional duties of ring announcer - which I had to do from the table of course. I didn't do all the matches though. Luke Woodhouse introduced the PPW title match and the main event, while Darren Ellis took care of the Hellfire match and the XWO introduced themselves. I did however announce all the winners, after the second match.

I was naturally looking forward to the main event. I knew through being a referee what Jake and Jarek could do. Sean Hawkins was naturally in Navara's corner and at one point when Craven was decked outside the ring by Navara's driving STO finisher, Hawkins stipulated on the fly that if Craven was counted out he'd lose the title! That went up in smoke when Craven beat the count - just! It was a fine match, which ended in a fashion that Gippsland wrestling fans had never seen before (but I had). Navara had a chair in the ring and he set it up to nail a flying enziguri with Craven sitting on the top rope. But Craven cut him down in mid air with the spear and that was that.

But then Cooper Wyle appeared. It was a distraction as Tommy Hellfire attacked Craven from behind and we had a double team that left Jarek lying. Was Hawkins behind that? Let's see what happens.

Cooper had already introduced himself earlier in the night, coming to the aid of his girlfriend Nikita Naridian just when Siren Monroe had her in big trouble - kissing her on the lips for crying out loud! Maybe Cooper was worried that his girl might borrow from Katy Perry and like it!! The referee never saw the diversion and it allowed Nikita to nail the Roaring Clothesline for the win.

Hellfire had also already had a match, taking care of Queenslander Lucas Gold in pretty short order.

Like all triple threats, the Pacific Pro Wrestling title match was mayhem. Bateman was having his problems with the members of the Gold Coast Death Squad. Turbo Wolverine in particular almost had me out of my seat with that springboard huracanrana! But Lewis was going nowhere after Bateman nailed him with the running knee a la Daniel Bryan. Bateman offered his hand post match and Lewis took it, but just like Sale a little under a year ago at the Gippsland Cup Turbo wouldn't do it! Bateman took that as a challenge and laid out the belt for him, but Wolverine just walked off. Hmmm!

The night opened with Hawkins putting over Navara only to be interrupted by former GPW champion Andy Rhodes. Hawkins wanted a public apology for Rhodes having a go at him online for his part in costing him the title, but Rhodes wouldn't do it! And he was jumped by Seth Maxx leading to the opening match. The Working Class Man did his best, but Maxx was too big. And Hawkins announced the winner much to my annoyance.

Meanwhile, I don't think the Black Army is dead just yet. Xavier Black was despicable in his post match actions after he defeated Sam Richards, giving him a Curb Stomp on the floor! He made it clear that he was going to be trouble even for Hawkins if he didn't get a title shot that he claims he earned in Sale! Hey idiot, you were fired and you were lucky you got your job back!! Be grateful!! He wouldn't even let me announce him as the winner of the match!!

It was mayhem in the tag team match as the newly dubbed XWO (eXtreme World Order) took it to the locals in Benny Factor and Max King. The bending of the rules by the XWO was too much for their opponents, and Factor wasn't happy and nearly turned heel on the microphone having a bit of a shot at his tag team partner! But he stayed calm and I think the fans forgave him - and that's a fact!

It was a very good show and a bigger crowd showed up than the previous show. Hopefully they'll come back again when the next show comes around. They should. There's plenty to look forward to.