GPW December 14, 2013

1. Josh Extreme v Benny Factor - Extreme by pinfall with a roll up
2. Jake Navara v F.O.X - Navara by pinfall after the Driving STO
3. Pierce Carter & BJ Hudson v Corey Redfield & El Techniko - Smart Casual by pinfall when Carter pinned Redfield after a modified Hart Attack
4. Josh Shooter v Mimic - Shooter by pinfall after the Dominator
5. Josh Extreme & F.O.X v Pierce Carter & BJ Hudson - Extreme & F.O.X by pinfall when F.O.X pinned Hudson after the Flapjack
6. Joel Bateman v Jarek Craven v Xavier Black v Andy Rhodes: Elimination GPW Title Match
- Black pinned Rhodes after the spear from Craven
- Craven pinned Bateman after a Clothesline from Hell
- Craven pinned Black to win the title after the spear

After manning the video camera at Sale way back in April, on the return to Moe I was behind the sound desk running the music. It was a bit hard as the laptop was on Windows 7 and old fashioned yours truly is still used to XP. That led to a couple of minor stuff ups, along with the fact that there wasn't a ring bell so I had to play a sound for it instead.

It was a good show, and I'll start with the big news. GPW has a new Commissioner or General Manager or whatever he wants to call himself - Sean Hawkins. And he wasted no time making it clear that he was going to run GPW "professionally". Well the first example was to borrow the idea of "The face of the company" from Triple H! His idea of it is Jake Navara, who threw out an open challenge and got almost an instant response from F.O.X. Hawkins proved to be a severe annoyance at ringside and he did enough to allow Navara to get the win with that driving STO variation of his.

Hawkins then announced that the tag team titles were vacant, and he introduced his next favourites - a couple of wowsers called Smart Casual. Their opponents thought their antics were amusing, and Corey Redfield got Carter a beauty teasing a snap of his suspenders only to stamp on his foot instead! Again though Hawkins was a menace and Smart Casual got the win (and I hope I got the pinner and vanquished right in the results!). They then proceeded to engage in a post match kicking, only for Josh Extreme and F.O.X to charge the ring and clear it. A challenge was put out and accepted, leading to an extra match which was too much for Smart Casual and they were beaten. A tournament is going to be held in 2014 to find the new tag team champions.

Hawkins last act was disgusting, and it involved Andy Rhodes. The champion and his three challengers took it to the floor and into the crowd with Rhodes and Joel Bateman gaining the attention as they made their way up a public ramp to a point where someone was taking a big drop from about ten feet! The battle was won by Rhodes and Bateman lost his grip and dropped hitting his head on the merchandise table. The brawl went back into the ring and just when Rhodes was set to eliminate someone, Hawkins committed his act. He told him that he didn't want him as the champion and that was the cue for Jake Navara to attack from behind! It didn't finish him much to Hawkins' astonishment but a Roaring Elbow from Xavier Black, followed by a Bateman superkick and then a spear from Craven did finish him, and we were going to get a new GPW champion.

Bateman and Craven applauded Rhodes on his departure and Black pounced on them, and when Bateman was eliminated after a mighty clothesline that turned the Smash Hit inside out it was down to the old GPW enemies - Craven and Black. And I was openly barracking for Jarek I have to admit. And he did it. Black went to the second rope, but that leap was shut off by a huge spear and Craven got the gold! I was absolutely delighted for him having come full circle and learned his lesson, and I made a point of being there when he left the ring, and I wasn't the only one. Josh Extreme was also there along with a couple of others. He deserved that after being royally screwed a week ago!

As mayhem filled as the main event was, the match of the night was Shooter and Mimic. This was the first time I'd seen Mimic in action since August 2005 and it was a terrific hard hitting contest. Shooter proved to be resilient kicking out of several big moves, including a double arm piledriver for goodness sakes! But Mimic lost when he went for the 450 splash and he missed it. Shooter pounced with the Dominator and this time he nailed it after two previous attempts had been escaped from.

In the other match, Josh Extreme bested Benny Factor in a fine opener - and Factor was a good sport for a change after his loss. That was distinct from his loss in the Gippsland Cup in April when he cried!!

I should be at the next show, which I'll hold on the date for now as it is a fair way off.