GPW April 21, 2013

1. Benny Factor v Static: Gippsland Cup Quarter Final - Factor by pinfall after the Fallaway Slam
2. Ryan O'Hare v Jarek Craven: Gippsland Cup Quarter Final - Craven by pinfall after the spear
3. Josh Shooter v Corey Redfield: Gippsland Cup Quarter Final - Shooter by pinfall after the spinning STO into the knee
4. Xavier Black v F.O.X: Gippsland Cup Quarter Final - Double Countout
5. Benny Factor v Jarek Craven: Gippsland Cup Semi Final - Craven by pinfall with a roll up
6. Gold Coast Death Squad v Alex Haize & Joel Bateman: Tag Team Title Match - Haize & Bateman by pinfall to retain the titles when Haize pinned Lewis after the Shining Wizard
7. Josh Extreme v Andy Rhodes: GPW Title Match - Rhodes by pinfall to retain the title after the Coldie from the top rope
8. Josh Shooter v Jarek Craven: Gippsland Cup Final - Craven by pinfall to win the cup after the spear

I felt like I'd come full circle today. When I first experienced true local wrestling in 1992 in Carlton, I took my video camera and I taped the show. I still have the tape. Today I was back behind the lens again, although times have changed - the camera was a lot smaller, and I was rusty although I think I did okay considering. It also meant that I couldn't take proper notes so I am grateful for the copy of the running sheet from GPW.

Following the events in February, Commissioner Luke Woodhouse made it clear how angry he was - and Xavier Black was already hiding in the building and made his appearance hearing that. He'd already forced his way into the Gippsland Cup tournament and Woodhouse wasn't happy about it. But he issued a challenge to Black. Win his tournament quarter final, and he'd get a title shot even if he didn't win the Cup. That theoretically gave Black a chance at two shots so he agreed, even when he was told that Dread was suspended and that if he lost he'd be fired. Black tried to be a bully again, but he bailed when F.O.X came in with a kendo stick.

F.O.X as it turned out was Black's quarter final opponent, and this was a brawl that lost all control. In the end they were both counted out so Black both won and lost! But the brawl didn't stop, and F.O.X held his own even when Krusher roared in through the front door of the venue. But it was a mystery black figure out of nowhere who turned it back the Army's way - the guy was too big to be a disguised Dread. F.O.X ended up dumped through a table before Alex Haize and Joel Bateman made the save armed with chairs. I locked the camera in position and raced in to help F.O.X along with Woodhouse and another official.

The Army wasn't done. Haize and Bateman had a title defence against the Gold Coast Death Squad - Linx Lewis and Turbo Wolverine. This was some match which lost all control and there was a cute spot where Bateman had Wolverine in the Sharpshooter, only for Lewis to do the same to Haize and with their free arms they tried to make the other release. In the end Wolverine took a hard spill on the floor and Haize floored Lewis with the Shining Wizard for the win. But then the Army attacked again! Woodhouse then acted - Black hadn't won his match against F.O.X, therefore he lost and he was fired! The Death Squad decided on making the save to stop the beating and the Army ran out the front door.

The double countout cut the number of matches from nine to eight, and it was Josh Shooter who got the free ride into the final after taking out Corey Redfield using his experience. In the other two quarter finals, Jarek Craven returned for the first time in some months - and ran into long time rival Ryan O'Hare. This one wasn't as good as their NAW classics, but when you're second match on the show it can't be helped. Craven got the win with the spear, intercepting a springboard from O'Hare. It was still a good match.

Benny Factor won the other quarter final over Static, using the ropes to break several submission attempts. Craven was hurting in the semi final against Factor and it didn't take long for the back to be worked over in particular. Craven though sucked it up and found a roll up to get the win. Factor actually cried!!

So it was Craven and Shooter for the Cup and this was a fine match. Shooter tried for the spinning STO into the knee (he doesn't have a name for it yet) but Craven avoided it and he cleaned Shooter up with the spear for the victory. He was happy to score the Cup on his return, and he has now earned a shot at the GPW title.

The title match was the only other match on the show, with Josh Extreme challenging Andy Rhodes. This was the first time these two have met since Extreme's wrestling debut in April 2011 at NAW. There was plenty of fun in this, especially as it seemed both of them were trying to impress a girl in the front row (I got the chance to get a close up of her at one point). The Coldie didn't get the job done, and Rhodes ate a spinebuster. But when JXT went up for the Dynamite Headbutt Rhodes caught him up there and nailed the Coldie from the top - a version that I think he's only used once before. Against Ryan Rollins at NAW in October 2011. The two men embraced after the match.

The next show is to be confirmed but it's present date is already in my diary and I will be there should it be unchanged.