GPW February 16, 2013

1. Xavier Black v F.O.X - Black by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
2. Alexi Papadopolous v Corey Redfield: Non Title Match - Papadopolous by submission with the Ankle Lock
3. Benny Factor v Adam Stokes - Stokes by pinfall with a roll up
4. Static & Max King v Alex Haize & Joel Bateman: Tag Team Title Match
- Haize & Bateman by pinfall to retain the titles when Bateman pinned King after the Spike Double Arm Piledriver
5. Justin Newman v Josh Extreme - Extreme by pinfall after the Widow's Peak
6. Ryan O'Hare v Andy Rhodes: GPW Title Match - Rhodes by pinfall to retain the title after the Coldie

Oh boy, what a show at the Moe Hotel! Match of the year candidate f
or me personally, impressive people who I hadn't seen before, a debut match for a rookie - and a massive change in circumstances as the show concluded that MIGHT open the door for yours truly.

To understand what I mean, we have to first refer to the opening match - which started outside the back of the venue with a brawl just as Commissioner Luke Woodhouse was explaining what happened with the pull apart brawl between Xavier Black and F.O.X at the last show at Newborough last year. The brawl didn't stop once it got into the ring and Black dominated - but he just couldn't put his opponent away. Finally though he managed it with the Diamond Cutter. But he wasn't done, grabbing a chair and using it before walking off satisfied. Adam Stokes came in and helped F.O.X to the back.

I'll just mention at this point Stokes' opponent Benny Factor. He was very impressive. I understand he has been in the US and if so it showed. He's got a "News" gimmick (his entrance music is a remixed version of the ABC News theme) which is easy to mock. He didn't get the win though as Stokes rolled him up.

The main event also came from Newborough, when Ryan O'Hare and Josh Shooter concussed Andy Rhodes taking him out of a scheduled six man tag. As a result, O'Hare got a match against Rhodes for the GPW title and Shooter was banned from the building. O'Hare, like Xavier Black, just could not put away the champion. Finally he got desperate and claimed a kendo stick - and it backfired as he missed and the stick bounced back off the top rope and sconed the challenger. Rhodes opened up the Coldie and got him.

But then Black appeared at ringside. Rhodes gave him an earful, but then he was attacked from behind by Krusher!! Where did he come from? He must have been in the building for the rookie challenge (more on that in a minute) and Black joined in. Stokes returned and made the pair back off - only to start attacking Rhodes himself!! And it got worse when O'Hare wanted to celebrate with the trio - and HE was attacked! Black then dragged Commissioner Woodhouse from his place at the mixing table and started issuing threats as various wrestlers came in to try and help - faces and heels alike. Alex Haize even came in from outside seeing what was going on while chatting to some fans! It seemed that no one could crack this. Even poor Jessie James was sent to the floor! Finally the equaliser arrived in F.O.X, who was armed with a kendo stick and got the first shots in. Black rallied the "Black Army" on the floor as Rhodes joined in and they escaped out the back door. There were bodies everywhere, and I found myself helping a stunned Josh Extreme who may have even been concussed. Poor Jessie was also sore and I heard Joel Bateman was also hurt. Extreme, the NAW heavyweight champion, should be okay for Melton Mayhem 4, but I'm not sure about Bateman. I didn't hear anything about Jessie. Needless to say I saw the chance and I approached the Commissioner after the show offering my help as a law and order referee. I also mentioned my experience as NAW Commissioner and Head of Talent if he wanted that sort of help as well. It's entirely in the hands of the GPW Committee as to what they are going to do in response to this new threat.

The match of the night was the Tag Team Title Match, which started on a hilarious note when it was announced that the team name for the champions was not Knees2Faces, but rather Knees2Fabulous!! And they looked the part as well and even the challengers were laughing! Things got serious though as first the challengers had control and then the champions managed to take charge. The crowd seemed split on who to support here, but they cheered when Max King got the hot tag and Static cleaned house! The champions struck back and then control was lost. Numerous double team efforts and several near falls! A double Tombstone on Joel Bateman forced a rescue by Alex Haize, and finally it was over when Bateman nailed his patented Double Arm Piledriver with the Spike provided by Haize. Great match!

Linx Lewis didn't make the show from Queensland, but who is this Justin Newman? I've never heard of him, but gee he gave Josh Extreme everything he wanted! This was another good match and it was great to see JXT add what I thought was the Gory Bomb to his arsenal - a Guerrero standard used presently by Chavo Junior. I have since been rightly corrected - it was in fact the variation called the Widow's Peak, patented by Victoria/Tara.

Alexi Papadopolous, the reigning PWI champion, had an open rookie challenge - and I was delighted to see the answer came from Corey "CJ" Redfield. This was his one on one debut match in the business (after his show debut for NAW in Colac last year in the Battle Royal). CJ did well with only one botch - and for a debut that was a good strike rate. He wasn't going anywhere trapped in the Ankle Lock though.

I certainly recommend GPW at the moment. Moe is only 131 km from Melbourne and it's all freeway depending on where you're coming from if you're driving.