EWA August 16, 2003

1. Fuel v Spike Steele - Steele by submission with the STF
2. Mozart v Rack Dogg - Rack Dogg by DQ when Mozart hit the referee with a spray can
3. Eden v Vida Loca - Vida Loca by pinfall with a roll up
4. T-Cup v Mad Dog v Steve Valek v Insano: Four Way Elimination Match
- T-Cup made Steve Valek submit to the Sharpshooter
- Mad Dog and Insano pinned T-Cup after a Demolition Drop
- The match finished in a no contest when Jungle Cat interfered
5. Steve Frost v Lobo - Lobo by pinfall with a roll up
6. Barry Bin Ladin & Nightmare v Rhino & Mike Manson - Rhino & Mike Manson by pinfall when Rhino pinned Nightmare with a roll up
7. The Candy Man v George Julio: Chair on a Pole Match - Julio by pinfall after a chair shot
8. Jungle Cat v Jesus: EWA Title Tables Match - Jungle Cat retained the title after putting Jesus through a table with an inverted Death Valley Driver


Last night something like 250 odd people attended the Arena in Geelong for the EWA's return. A disappointing crowd in some respects but hopefully things will improve with time.

I had a good night, with the Jungle Cat retaining the EWA title in a tables match against Jesus. The night started badly for the champion, as the commissioner Daniel Matthews announced that he was having a name drawn out of a hat from the participants of the Royal War to decide who would get the match. When Jungle Cat drew Jesus he was fuming - and he took it out on Mad Dog and Insano later in the night who were the two remaining men in a four way elimination match after Steve Valek and T-Cup were eliminated. That resulted in a no contest and a sore head for referee Chop Chop who was also decked. Jungle Cat called out the commissioner - and claimed that the hat was rigged. George Julio brought out the hat, and they proceeded to make fools of themselves as every name they drew out WAS different! And to add insult to injury - the Jungle Cat was fined $2000 for decking the referee and as a penalty for his interference in the four way, Matthews made his title match a tables match. This match was a no DQ and twice we had pinfall attempts but I had to remind them that this was a tables match - and pinfalls don't count! But Julio became the deciding factor. Jesus had been busted open - how I'm not sure - but he was fighting back and set up two tables outside the ring with the Jungle Cat in between them. He went to the top rope, but Julio held him there giving the Cat time to get out of the way and Jesus hit the tables for no result. Jungle Cat then finished the match with a table in the ring - and using the same move he did at the last show, the inverted Death Valley Driver through the table. Of course there was no pinfall this time.

Post match, Julio and Reverend Jonathon Fear helped Jungle Cat cut the hair of Jesus! That brought out Lobo - who grabbed the microphone and fired out a challenge to the Jungle Cat for the next show at the Geelong Royal Show on October 19. The champion accepted the challenge - and boy am I looking forward to that one!!

There was one match signing that survived the change of venue, and that was the Chair on a Pole match between George Julio and the Candy Man (AKA Ferrari). That was much to Julio's displeasure as he thought he'd escaped it. No such luck according to the Commish, and he even threatened to fine the Hitman $1000 if he walked out of it! The Candy Man got the chair, but then Spike Steele ran out and diverted my attention. Julio got the Candy Man with the chair, and took the gift - causing the Commish to run out again and try to get me to change my decision. But I refused to do it because I hadn't seen anything illegal. Meanwhile Steele had joined Julio in a post match attack. Matthews grabbed the microphone - and told the Hitman that he and the Candy Man would be meeting again at the Geelong Show. In a Lumberjack Match - and not only that, the Commissioner himself would be the guest referee! The post match attack went on and Rhino, Fuel, Steve Valek and Eden ran in to drive off the heels.

Finally, the war between Barry Bin Ladin & Nightmare and Rhino & Mike Manson was put to rest. I had to work overtime to keep the match under control, but it ultimately cost Bin Ladin. I was distracted by Manson, but I was told that Barry had tried to throw fire into the face of Rhino and he'd ducked and Nightmare got it instead. I saw Nightmare chokeslam Bin Ladin whilst blinded and he was then rolled up by Rhino for the victory - and total humiliation for Bazza!

Lobo and Steve Frost had a great match for which I was delighted to be the third man in the ring for. We had no less than three VERY close pinfalls where my hand was literally centimetres from hitting the mat the third time. It was a high impact match and both men eventually lost their cool and got into a chopping exchange. Frost ducked one and turned it into a go-behind and tried to lift Lobo up - but Lobo locked in a roll up and got the three count.

In the other matches, Mozart got himself disqualified in his match against the Rack Dogg when he hit referee Chop Chop with his spray can. Spike Steele made Fuel tap to the STF and Vida Loca rolled up Eden after Eden was flattened by Steve Frost with a power bomb while the referee was distracted (and what a power bomb it was as well!)

The show was great, certainly worth more than the 250 people we got. The next show will be at the Geelong Show on Sunday October 19.