EWA March 13, 2003

1. Insano v Steve Frost v Mad Dog McCrea - McCrea by pinfall on Insano after a piledriver
2. Mike Manson & Rack Dogg v Mozart & Stephan Cool - Manson and Rack Dogg by pinfall when Manson pinned Mozart after a Stunner
3. Rhino v Nightmare - Nightmare by DQ when Mike Manson interfered
4. Jungle Cat & George Julio v Ferrari & Silekta - Ferrari & Silekta by pinfall when Silekta pinned Jungle Cat with a roll up off a shove by the referee and a fast three count (That got me a tombstone piledriver from the Jungle Cat post match)
5. EWA Royal War: Final Six were Spike Steele, Silekta, Jungle Cat, Jesus, Insano and Mozart
- Jungle Cat pinned Mozart after a Sidewalk Slam
- Steele pinned Silekta after a head butt from the top rope
- Jungle Cat pinned Insano after the Cat Scratch Fever
- Jesus pinned Steele after a splash from the top rope
- Jungle Cat pinned Jesus after a Sidewalk Slam onto a chair to win the EWA title


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