EWA January 30, 2003

1. Rack Dogg v Insano - Insano by pinfall after the Starlight Diamond
2. Mozart v Mike Manson - Mozart by pinfall with a Sunset Flip
3. Rhino v Nightmare - Nightmare by pinfall after a Swanton Bomb from Barry Bin Ladin
4. George Julio & the Jungle Cat v Ferrari & Silekta - Julio & the Cat by DQ when the referee caught Ferrari with a chain
5. Lobo v Jesus: Hardcore Match - Jesus by pinfall after a splash from the top rope through a table


A pretty good crowd attended the Lyric Nightclub in Geelong last night for the debut of the EWA - I should have noted what that stands for and I bloody well forgot to check!

It was a good show. I had two matches out of the five, and they were the two big ones - the semi main event and the main event.

The main event actually didn't require me to do that much except watch it - and make pinfall counts anywhere in the building. It was a hardcore match which saw Lobo take on Jesus. The weapon that saw the most use was a six foot ladder, and the match went out on to the ramp/stage on a couple of occasions, as well as to the floor and also once into the crowd in one spot. Both men were busted open during the match, Lobo when he took a shot from the ladder smack in the face, and Jesus when Lobo decided to have a meal on his forehead. The match ended when Jesus went nuts with a chair, before delighting the crowd by bringing out a table. It was the table that got him the victory when he splashed Lobo through it from the top rope. I had to help Lobo back stage (up two flights of stairs BTW!!)

I was much busier in the semi main event, which was my first tag team match. Geogre Julio and the Jungle Cat, with Shenille in their corner, taking on Ferrari and Silekta. I very quickly learnt to watch it early on when we had all four men in the ring, and I trapped by Ferrari as he set Julio up for a whip across the ring. Finally I got a one on one, and I spent most of the match keeping Ferrari out of the ring while Silekta was being worked over by the opposition. At one point he just missed a tag. Eventually he made it when Julio got the Cat by accident, and Ferrari cleaned house. Silekta distracted me again for some reason and when I turned around again, Ferrari had picked up a chain. I had no hesitation and I called for the bell and DQed Ferrari and Silekta - much to their frustration. Even a quick mic spot didn't calm them down. Hey, I only pay by what I see - and the first time I saw the chain was in the hands of Ferrari. Despite the fact that Julio and the Cat had used it throughout the match - allegedly. I thought I was going to get decked! Refereeing is a thankless job - just like umpiring footy! But I'm used to it - and I wouldn't have it any other way! Ferrari challenged the opposition to a rematch right there and then - five more minutes. I was happy with that, as long as Julio and the Cat were. But they weren't, however they were happy to have a match at the next show. I needed a drink after that one! Phew!

The other three matches were good.

Insano took on the Rack Dogg, and Insano got the win with what he called the "Starlight Diamond", and sort of reverse neckbreaker with a somersault over the top in application.

Mozart took on Mike Manson with Manson in the unusual spot of face. He was pinned with a sunset flip, but only because he got sprayed in the face by Mozart's beauty consultant Sandra D.

My fellow referee Chop Chop took an accidental shot from Rhino in the other match, and that allowed Nightmare's manager - Barry Bin Ladin (no, I'm NOT kidding!) to hit Rhino with a Swanton Bomb, and then drag the referee over and smacked his hand to the mat three times for the win. I was a little slow to react, but I got down the stairs and met Chop Chop on his way up to help him backstage.

All in all it was a good night, and I'll bet we could pack the place out on a Friday or Saturday night. And it was an 18 and over show as well - so goodness knows how many more we could get if kids were included.