EPW Results 2014

JANUARY 18, 2014 (Bassendean)
1. Chris Vice d Eddy Bombay to retain the EPW Title
2. Chris Vice d Dorian to retain the EPW Title
3. McMassive d Jamie Jurah & Troy
4. Dan Moore d Scotty Ryan
5. The Solution d The New Gen in an Elimination Match
6. Marcius Pitt & Siren Monroe Jay Taylor & Michelle
7. Leo Pratt v Lord Jonathan Wimbledon - No contest
8. Chris Vice d Alex Kingston in a Hardcore Match to retain the EPW Title

MARCH 8, 2014 (Bassendean)
1. McMassive d The Dropkicks
2. Damian Slater d Jay Taylor
3. The Solution d Team Red Can
4. Sebastian Sander d Eddy Bombay
5. Garry Schmidt d Hayden Zenith
6. Alex Kingston d Marcius Pitt
7. Micheal Morleone won a Hardcore Battle Royal
8. Chris Vice d Damian Slater to retain the EPW Title

MARCH 22, 2014 (Malaga)
Session 1
1. Jarrad Slate d Eddy Bombay
2. Davis Storm & Jay Taylor d Bodhi McKenzie & Gavin McGavin
3. Gorgeous Garry d Busker Douglas
4. Alex Kingston, Dan Moore & Koala Mask d Jordan Bishop, Leo Pratt & Michael Morleone
Session 2
1. Jarrad Slate d Jay Taylor
2. Alex Kingston & Bodhi McKenzie d Eddy Bombay & Michael Morleone
3. Leo Pratt & The Solution d Busker Douglas, Gavin McGavin & Koala Mask
4. Dan Moore d Gorgeous Garry
Session 3
1. Busker Douglas d Jordan Bishop
2. Jay Taylor & Michael Morleone d Jarrad Slate & Koala Mask
3. Gorgeous Garry d Gavin McGavin
4. Alex Kingston, Bodhi McKenzie & Dan Moore d Leo Pratt & The Solution

APRIL 26, 2014 (Bassendean)
1. Marcius Pitt d Gary Schmidt, Jamie Jurah and Jarrad Slate
2. McMassive v Elliot Forbes & Sam Fantastic - No Contest
3. Sebastian Sander d McMassive in a Handicap Match
4. Davis Storm d Hughsey
5. Alex Kingston d Richter
6. Dan Moore d Troy
7. Michael Morleone d an EPW fan to retain the Hardcore Title
8. Chris Vice d Robbie Eagles to retain the Heavyweight Title

MAY 31, 2014 (Bassendean)
1. McMassive d Jay Taylor & Troy
2. Sam Fantastic d Eddy Bombay
3. Hayden Zenith & Team Red Can d The Solution
4. TMDK d The Dropkicks
5. Dan Moore d Damian Slater in an I Quit Strap Match
6. Alex Kingston d Jamie Jurah
7. Michael Morleone d Eric (an EPW fan) to retain the EPW Hardcore Title
8. Chris Vice v Sebastian Sander - No Contest

JULY 5, 2014 (Bassendean)
1. Gorgeous Garry d Hughesy
2. Dan Moore d Sam Fantastic, Tyler Jacobs and Twitch
3. 10 Team Eliminator Match for the EPW Tag Team Titles
- The McKenzie Brothers d The Dropkicks by DQ
- Jamie Jurah & Michael Morleone d The McKenzie Brothers
- Jamie Jurah & Michael Morleone d Koala Mask & Sam Fantastic
- McMassive d Jamie Jurah & Michael Morleone
- McMassive d Elliot Forbes & Troy Bridges
- TMDK d McMassive
- TMDK d Jarrad Slate & Twitch
- TMDK d Hayden Zenith & Hughesy
- Richter & Jay Bailey d Jonah Rock & Marcius Pitt to win the EPW Tag Team Titles
4. Alex Kingston d Davis Storm
5. Hayden Zenith d Jamie Jurah
6. Michael Morleone d A young lady in the $3000 Hardcore Challenge to retain the EPW Hardcore Title
7. Sebastian Sander d Chris Vice in a No Holds Barred Street Fight to win the EPW Heavyweight Title

AUGUST 30, 2014 (Bassendean)
1. Hughesy d Gorgeous Garry in the Slop Bucket Match
2. The Headhunters d The McKenzie Brothers
3. Eddy Bombay v Elliot Forbes v Sam Fantastic v Twitch - No Contest
4. Hayden Zenith d Jay Taylor
5. The Solution d McMassive to retain the EPW Tag Team Titles
6. Sebastian Sander d Adam Banks to retain the EPW Title
7. Davis Storm d Jonah Rock
8. Michael Morleone d Barry Shaw (a fan) in the $3000 Hardcore Challenge to retain the EPW Hardcore Title
9. Team New South Wales defeated Team Western Australia

OCTOBER 4, 2014 (Bassendean)
1. Jonah Rock d Jay Taylor
2. Hughesy d Adam Banks in a tournament quarter final
3. Damian Slater d Jarrad Slate in a tournament quarter final
4. Barry Shaw d Michael Morleone in a non title match per Lukey Bolland
5. Michael Morleone d Barry Shaw to retain the EPW Hardcore title
6. The Headhunters v McMassive v The Solution v The Dropkicks - Elimination match was a no contest and the Tag Team Titles were vacated
7. Alex Kingston d Kiel Steria in a Falls Count Anywhere Gauntlet to Greatness Match
8. Jordan Bishop d Liam Mendel in a Lumberjack Match to win the Rising Star Cup
9. Chris Vice won a Royal Rumble

NOVEMBER 15, 2014 (Mount Lawley)
No results received

DECEMBER 6, 2014 (Bassendean)
1. Damian Slater d Hughesy
2. Mr Juicy d Gorgeous Garry, Jay Taylor and Sam Fantastic in a Four Corners of Comedy match
3. The Headhunters d McMassive to win the vacant EPW Tag Team Titles
4. Hayden Zenith d Davis Storm
5. Robbie Eagles d Davis Storm
6. TMDK d The Dropkicks in a Tables Match
7. Lukey Bolland d Eddy Bombay, Elliot Forbes, Jarrad Slate, Jonathan Wimbledon, Jordan Bishop, Liam Mendel, Michael Morleone, Richter and Jay Bailey in a Hardcore Scramble match to win the EPW Hardcore title
8. Damian Slater d Hayden Zenith
9. Alex Kingston d Chris Vice and Sebastian Sander in a Steel Cage match to win the EPW title

DECEMBER 13, 2014 (Malaga)
Session 1
1. The McKenzie Brothers d Billy Williams & Michael Morleone
2. Jay Taylor d Liam Mendel
3. Busker Douglas & Gavin McGavin d Jordan Bishop & Taylor King
4. Sam Fantastic d Eddy Bombay
5. Alex Kingston d Leo Pratt
Session 2
1. Liam Mendel d Jordan Bishop
2. Jay Bailey d Busker Douglas
3. The McKenzie Brothers d Eddy Bombay & Elliot Forbes
4. Sex Mafia d Gavin McGavin & Sam Fantastic
5. Hayden Zenith d Billy Williams
Session 3
1. Sam Fantastic d Jordan Bishop
2. Leo Pratt d Busker Douglas
3. Gavin McGavin d Taylor King
4. Jay Bailey d Liam Mendel
5. Team Aqua d The Wild Wild Westerners