EPW Results 2008

JANUARY 19, 2008 (Craigie)
1. The Fighting Hellfish defeated AZ Vegara & Jay Taylor to retain the Tag Team Titles
2. Jimmy Payne defeated Alex Kingston
3. The European Union defeated Chase & Dan Moore and Azazal & Ferguson Block
4. Mikey Nicholls defeated Chris Vice
5. Shane Haste defeated Jonny Wimbledon to retain the EPW title
6. Bobby Marshall defeated Davis Storm and Devlin Reeves

FEBRUARY 16, 2008 (Maylands)
1. Davis Storm & Hartley Jackson defeated AZ Vegara & Jay Taylor
2. Richter defeated Devlin Reeves and Chris Vice
3. Drake Wallace (formerly Azazal) defeated Chase
4. The Fighting Hellfish defeated the European Union by DQ
5. The European Union & Jonny Wimbledon defeated the Fighting Hellfish in a handicap match to win the Tag Team Titles
6. Mikey Nicholls defeated Jimmy Payne to retain the NWA Australian Title
7. Jose Del Santo defeated Nate Dooley
8. Bobby Marshall defeated Shane Haste to win the EPW Title