EPW March 16, 2013 (Bassendean)
"Rise or Fall"

1. The Tequila Mockingbirds v Eddie Bombay & Twitch - The Mockingbirds by pinfall when Senor pinned Twitch after a piledriver
2. Jarrod Slate v Gorgeous Garry - Slate by pinfall after the Big Boot
3. Jay Taylor v Dan Moore - Taylor by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
4. Hayden Zenith v Scotty Ryan: Rising Star Cup Match
- Zenith by pinfall to win the Cup after the Senton Bomb
5. Leo Pratt v Mike Massive - Massive by pinfall after the Banzai Drop
6. Alex Kingston v Davis Storm v Sebastian Sander - Sander by pinfall on Kingston after a spear style spinebuster

I didn't get to referee thanks to a mess of changes to the card that gave headaches to the booker. Before I go to the show, I'll just say a big thumbs up to the venue. Nice and big, and well organised also.

The Tequila Mockingbirds were interesting - Senor clearly with experience and Junior a green rookie. Twitch and Bombay couldn't have been more ill at ease with each other - Bombay even dubbing the team "Botch"! That was more appropriate than he thought. Senor put some oomph into that piledriver for the easy win for the Mockingbirds.

Things got interesting though after Jay Taylor had a hard fought win over Dan Moore - one half of the EPW Tag Team champions. EPW head honcho William Darcy showed off over who he had fired - but as far as he was concerned two of them had come back as the Mockingbirds. The experienced one being Chris Vice and the rookie being Jonathan Wimbledon. But he was wrong - as the unmasking of Junior revealed a genuine rookie. And Senor unmasked behind their back - it was MARCUIS PITT! He disposed of Taylor and then told Darcy in no uncertain terms that he was getting his EPW title rematch next month or else! At first Darcy resisted, but threatened with the F-5 he changed his mind! Taylor got Darcy out of the ring, only to get an F-5 himself. And then Pitt told Darcy to get out of the building if he didn't want the EPW fans to throw him out!

The main event had plenty on the line - the winner would get the last entry into the 15 man Gold Rush Rumble next month and the pinned man would have to come in first! The winner of the Rumble gets a shot at the EPW champion. And Sander was proving to be a handful for both of his opponents. But the big spots hit as Sander was forced over the barricade, with Kingston hitting a mighty springboard plancha on Storm and Sander as they fought in the crowd! Kingston was then very innovative, using a skateboard to launch a drop kick on Sander at floor level. Storm though seemed a bit peeved at that and that triggered a battle between the two. Sander though was proving to be hard to stop. A huge double superplex didn't seem to hurt him much even! He ended up getting the win - after taking an ugly shot to the head by accident from a Kingston Frog Splash - nailing a spinebuster in a spear motion. A devastating move. He gets number 15 in the Rumble, and Kingston gets number 1.

I was hoping for some good wrestling in the Rising Star Cup Match, and I got it even if it wasn't picture perfect. And Ryan got his - worrying too much about being a two time winner of the Cup and not enough about getting the win, and even picking him up at one point! Zenith was quick with the modified T-Bone suplex and the Senton Bomb for the big win. But then he was attacked out of nowhere by the Warship, who left as quickly as he came.

Michelle is in the middle of a blazing row with Gorgeous Garry, and she brought in reigning SHWA champion Jarrod Slate to oppose Garry while Garry's brother Bruiser Barry is overseas. Garry had this in hand, until Michelle distracted him by grabbing the timekeeper Ring Belle Mel (get it?) and Slate cleaned him up with the Big Boot. And then it got worse post match, when Michelle baited Garry into any match he wanted against Barry next month. The match was an intergender match - Michelle and Barry against Garry and Mel!! I think I read her lips correctly - Mel said "I'm not a wrestler".

Nice to hear a smattering of old music for entrances - Garry used Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar and Ryan used The Boys are back in Town by Thin Lizzy. I enjoyed the show.