ASW April to October 2001

RESULTS ONLY (No report recorded and in some cases I did not attend)
April 3, 2001
1. Anarchy pinned Hyperio after a running powerbomb
2. Firestarter, Jimmy Mustang & Mr.Saturday Night defeated the Bulldog, Bradman & Austen Young when Mr.Saturday Night pinned Bradman after Ox speared him
3. Steve Frost pinned Chucky in a Hardcore Match after a roll up and a quick three count from special referee Ricky Diamond
4. TNT pinned St.Peter after the Detonator
5. King Haka won a battle royal

May 1, 2001
I missed this show due to website problems
1. Firestarter & Jimmy Mustang defeated Bradman & the Bulldog
2. Chucky defeated Steve Frost, Ricky Diamond and Havok in a hardcore four way dance
3. Lobo v Jag: Two out of three falls;
- Lobo pinned Jag
- Jag pinned Lobo
- Double DQ
4. King Haka defeated Mr.Saturday Night and Warhawk in a three way lumberjack match

June 5, 2001
I missed this show due to recovery from hospital treatment
1. Anarchy pinned Frank Smooth
2. King Haka pinned Mr.Big
3. Psycho Kid & Bradman defeated Austen Young & the Bulldog, Firestarter & Jimmy Mustang and Stephan Cool & Sebastian Walker in a four way tag team match
4. Chucky defeated Rave, Krackerjak, White Trash, Titanic and Rohan in a gauntlet match
5. Steve Frost & Austen Young defeated Jag & Havok

July 3, 2001
1. Frank Smooth pinned Sebastian Walker with an Acid Drop, despite a distraction from Lord Lush
2. Chucky pinned Ricky Diamond with a Lionsault
3. Shannon v Page - No Contest when special referee Chris Fresh stopped doing his job
4. Shannon & Page defeated Firestarter & Jimmy Mustang when Shannon pinned Mustang after Stephan Cool stunned Mustang behind the back of referee Fresh
5. Warhawk & Bradman v Steve Frost & Austen Young - No Contest when referee George Demirov counted down both Bradman and Young who were pinned at the same time by Frost and Warhawk respectively
6. Vulcan pinned King Haka after Rohan and Krackerjak hit Haka with three con-chair-tos

August 7, 2001
1. Mozart defeated J.C
2. Lobo defeated Austen Young
3. Vanity Inc defeated the Playerz in a loser leaves town interchange tag team match
4. Ox won a Battle Royal
5. King Haka & Bradman defeated Vulcan & Chucky

September 4, 2001
I missed this show due to illness - these results may not be in order
1. Krackerjak defeated Ang Anarchy
2. Ricky Diamond defeated JT Robinson
3. Austen Young & the Bulldog defeated Steve Frost & Steve O'Neal
4. Mr.Saturday Night defeated Bradman in a catwalk match
5. Chucky pinned King Haka in a street fight

October 2, 2001
I missed this show as I was in Adelaide
1. Ox & Chucky defeated Damnation
2. Warhawk defeated Hardcore Superstar
3. Psycho Kid defeated Ricky Diamond in a TLC match
4. Steve O'Neal, Jag & Havok defeated Austen Young, Bulldog & Steve Frost after Frost turned on his partners
5. Con Iakovidis defeated Mr.Saturday Night to make Jim Demirov the new ASW Commissioner

October 30, 2001
1. Jimmy Mustang pinned Sebastian Walker after Mr.Saturday Night accidentally hit Walker with a tray.
2. King Haka & Con Iakovidis defeated Ox & Krackerjak after Iakovidis pinned Krackerjak with a neckbreaker.
3. Steve O'Neal pinned Firestarter after a top rope splash.
4. Lobo defeated Chucky by countout after Rohan and the Wolf attacked Chucky outside the ring.
5. Steve Frost pinned Austen Young after Steve O'Neal shoved Young off the top rope and held his leg down as Frost pinned him.
6. Krackerjak and Steve O'Neal were the last two men remaining in a Royal Rumble to advance to a match to decide the first ASW champion.