ASW October 5, 2002

1. PC Virus pinned JT Robinson after a form of neckbreaker slam
2. Jungle Cat & Titantic defeated Deliciously Cool when Titanic pinned Stefan Cool after a chokeslam
3. Firestarter defeated Sebastian Walker by submission to retain the TV title with the Burning Sensation
4. Chucky pinned Ricky Diamond in a No DQ match after a back suplex into a chair
5. Steve Frost pinned Krackerjack to retain the ASW title after Ricky Diamond hit Krackerjack with the title belt


I was in panic mode when I arrived at the Memorial Hall in Kilmore after the show started, but luckily I didn't miss any action as the first match had only just started when I entered the hall.

There were five matches on the card, probably one short of the right number. But the matches were solid and the two main matches were good quality.

Two Sydney siders opened up the show with JT Robinson facing a guy called PC Virus. Not a bad match, which the Klez wannabe won after a sort of neckbreaker slam. I don't know what he calls it.

My late arrival had me out of position for the entrance of Tastelessly Uncool - and I had the Mortein with me for a change!! The Jungle Cat was playing face for a change (as opposed to heel out at Melton) and he had company. Fire! One of the ASW fans following me into the inner circle - as the Cat's valet. Good on her! He then brought out another surprise face as his tag team partner - Titanic (which was interesting as we saw later). I had a laugh and a cheer as well when Fire got into a hair pulling fight with Julian James!! Titanic got the win for his team with a chokeslam on Stefan Cool. No bust up this time although Stefan and Julian got into a comprising position a couple of times!

Rohan Herbstreit and Criss Fresh were commentating and Criss had to interview Krackerjack. Criss has turned heel again, but even he couldn't handle the Mad Bastard's sense of humour! That was after Kracker and I had about three false starts to shake hands when he entered the ringside area!! I must have been drunk! *LOL* Steve Frost attacked Kracker but got a Britney Spear for his trouble, setting up the main event.

Titanic then returned - as a heel! He was in his usual position as Sebastian Walker's bodyguard as Walker took on Firestarter for the TV title. Another good match, which Walker appeared to win when Criss Fresh decided to tell the referee how to do his job from the apron, and Titanic planted Firestarter with a chokeslam. Walker took the gift, but then another referee ran in and got the first ref to restart the match! While the match ref argued with Fresh about it, Walker collected Titanic by accident, and Firestarter locked in the Burning Sensation to get the tap out and the official victory.

The Kilmore crowd popped big time for Chucky as he took on Ricky Diamond - a guy that I have a lot of time for. But this mark is a Chucky fan and I went right along with that! This match was a No DQ, but it was a wrestling match until the chairs came out. They were put to good use both inside the ring and on the outside, with Chucky doing his usual suicide dive and plancha. It was interesting that the police were observing this match (possibly as a result of Rowville a month ago). Chucky got the win with a back suplex into a chair in the ring, which he got when he blocked Diamond's aeroplane spin into a neckbreaker (almost an F-5 actually).

The main event saw Steve Frost defending his ASW title against Krackerjack. Another good match, which finished after all heck broke lose. Kracker went for the Britney Spear but collected the referee when Frost got out of the way. Then the champion got two waves of help. Mark Delicious ran in, only to get Britney Speared, but Ricky Diamond was more effective - smashing Kracker with the title belt. Frost took the gift, and then the three of them triple teamed the defeated Krackerjack. Chucky ran in for the save, but he was also beaten down. A table was brought out, and Frost power bombed him through it. That caused Rohan to sign a main event for the next show - a TLC match for the title, Chucky v Steve Frost!!

The next show is set down tentatively for November 8 (that's a Friday night) but that is yet to be confirmed. I enjoyed myself and getting home was far easier than getting there!

Of course the show never took place, and ASW disappeared into history.