ASW July 14, 2002

1. Firestarter defeated Mark Delicious by submission to retain the TV title with the Burning Sensation
2. Steve Frost pinned Krackerjak after a power bomb
3. Jim Demirov & George Julio defeated Sebastian Walker & Titanic when Demirov pinned Walker after a power bomb through a table
4. Jag v Chucky - Double Pinfall. The ASW title was held up
5. Steve Frost won a Royal Rumble to win the held up ASW title


Well, today we had what was the final All Star Wrestling show at the All Star Cafe. The announcement was made by ASW founder and promoter Rohan Herbstreit. Whether or not ASW will return is up in the air, but Rohan hopes it will.

Only two matches were actually announced prior to the show, but Rohan was quickly into booking mode when he stated that the Bulldog was NOT the ASW champion (as I said at least four times on the ASW message board!) and CowChicken was quick to answer that. He then brought out Steve Frost and then Jag, who were not supposed to be there! But he covered for that by stating that the two no longer lived in Adelaide, but Bordertown which they claimed was in Victoria!! HELLO!! Bordertown is 20 kilometres inside the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN side of the border! But Rohan was fooled and decided to book Frost against Krackerjak. He'd already given Firestarter a title defence against Mark Delicious.

Bulldog then surrendered the title to Jag, an act which Rohan refused to recognise. But he nevertheless gave Jag a title match against the REAL champion - Chucky. And Rohan made it no countout, no DQ, falls count anywhere! In other words - HARDCORE! Right up Chucky's alley, although Jag was no slouch either.

Peter Farry followed that up for the match introduction, by calling Jag the challenger. Chucky arrived in the ring and took the title off Jag and displayed it proudly to the crowd - and they responded accordingly. The match was a good one, but not a classic. However we had a very funny moment when Jag pushed Chucky into a basketball machine, put some money into the machine, and started tossing basketballs at him!! But Chucky got him back and then some when he climbed over the basketball machine to the staging area and dropped on him from that 12 foot position - something he'd been promising to do for some time!! Then he brought out the thumb tacks, but that backfired when he ended up being the one dropped onto them back first.

But the match finished in controversy. After stating that "there must be a winner", Rohan screwed Chucky!! Both men nailed each other with chairs at the same time, and the way they fell resulted in a double pinfall - and no winner. So what did Rohan do? Held up the title and put it up for grabs in the Royal Rumble!! And he included Chucky and Jag in the draw. You idiot, Rohan, you should have re-started the match! Chucky threw two chairs at his old enemy from 2001, equally as pissed off as I was - probably more so! And he added that this sort of decision was why he was leaving. Don't blame him for that!

There were 27 men in the Rumble (28 was announced but I only saw 27) and King Haka drew number one. He lasted awhile not surprisingly before he was eliminated by the combined efforts of Titanic and ARPW champion, The Cremator. The pair cleared the ring, and then gleefully awaited the arrival of the next participant (number 16), Rohan. He refused to enter the ring until one of the two mystery entries, backstage interviewer Bruce, arrived at number 17. Then Rohan screwed him by tricking him into the ring, and staying outside. Bruce lasted five seconds before being eliminated, and browned off he threw Rohan into the ring. But somehow he survived (whilst we had a no show it appeared which would explain the missing participant) and took advantage when Titanic and the Cremator got tangled up over the ropes, and he helped them on their way.

Next up, number 19 - CHUCKY! Rohan was desperate to make peace and Chucky was tricked and attacked. But he fired back and put Rohan outside the ring - but not out of the match. Krackerjak arrived at number 20 and got out a slab of wood which was put to use on the Extreme Dream. Numbers increased again, but Rohan remained outside, until Chucky threw him back in. However, Rohan somehow managed to eliminate him! Pissed off, Chucky got back in and ejected Rohan and they fought back to the dressing room.

Finally it came down to four, Steve Frost (number 21), Ang Anarchy (number 25), Jag (number 26) and Firestarter (number 27). Jag was thrown out, meaning that we would have a brand new champion. Firestarter set fellow Player Ang up for a shot, but Frost used it to dispose of Anarchy much to Firestarter's horror. Frost took advantage and managed to get rid of the TV champion to claim the ASW championship. It was celebration time for Frost, Jag and the Bulldog - but it will be a title that MIGHT fade into insignificance. And the marks would all agree that it would be an appropriate punishment for the banished SA Alliance.

Firestarter retained his title against Mark Delicious after taking advantage of a collision between Delicious and Stephan Cool - who hurt his arm in the process. Delicious submitted to the Burning Sensation and was FURIOUS! A break up of Deliciously Cool was clearly on the cards as he smacked Julian James post match. Later in the night Cool opted out of the Royal Rumble despite drawing number 11, getting a rub down outside the ring from James instead! But Delicious got his former tag team partner a beauty when he arrived at number 13, and dacked him - revealed a cute pair of orange undies!!! *LMAO*

Frost had two victories in one night. His Royal Rumble win was on top of a victory over Krackerjak. He managed to block the "Britney" Spear, and nailed a power bomb to take the win. He then attacked Kracker again post match, but paid for it as the Mad Bastard nailed the spear on the second attempt.

The other advertised match was the old school versus new school encounter. Despite his tag of face in this match up, George Julio still played the heel to the fans with his usual "you shut up!" routine. George Demirov was the referee, which Sebastian Walker didn't have a major problem with. But he should have known better! After calling it down the middle, a tray was introduced to the match, and ended up smacked on Walker's noggin. It was then used on Titanic by Julio - and the referee didn't do a thing! Walker was busted open, as Titanic and the Hit Man battled back to the locker room leaving a one on one. Jim and George commandeered the commentary table and set it up in the ring. A bloodied Walker tried to resist, but was bombed through the table. The three count followed and Walker was vanquished. At that, Jim announced that his in ring career was definitely over.

Not a bad show overall. There were only four signs (pity I couldn't think of anything!) but the crowd was up on the last show in June. Austen Young was in the audience as was Spike Steele.