ASW April 14, 2002

1. Koshi Kazu defeated Mad Dog by submission with a variety of surfboard
2. Krackerjak pinned Spike Steele after a spear
3. Austen Young v Jag v Steve Frost: Triple Threat Match - No Contest
4. Firestarter defeated Jayk'e Hook by submission with the Burning Sensation to win the inaugural ASW TV title
5. The HO Express defeated Double Impact when Ox pinned Frank Smooth after a spear
6. Chucky defeated Steve O'Neal in a Barbed Wire Ladder match to win the ASW heavyweight title


The second Sunday show got a crowd that was a little more lively that the last time. Mind you, the rock group The Shine headed up by the manager of Deliciously Cool, Julian James, helped a great deal in my opinion - and for the record they weren't bad, given that I'm not a fan of live music as such. But they play an old school style of hard rock which I wish I could hear more of.

My sign made a comeback, with my old NWE sign "Hell Yeah Chucky! We want Barbed Wire!" being joined by "Chuck E Chaos Sooper Genius" and "The Real Coward Steve O'Neal". I also had my Donvale jumper on again as it did attract some attention in December. Unfortunately I was not in a good spot for it to be noticed, and there were other circumstances which also stifled it's attention.

The Austen Young/Jag match was turned into a triple threat match by Jim Demirov who added Steve Frost much to the displeasure of the Bulldog, Frost and Jag. At first the South Australians double teamed their opponent, but suddenly the two went at each other. It looked like the SA Alliance could disintegrate - and then the match was suddenly stopped cold.

I couldn't see from where I was what happened exactly, but whatever it was - it happened when Jag jumped on Young and Frost from the top rope to the outside. Somehow in the collision, Austen Young suffered a horrific injury - his leg was broken clean through at the shin level. A similar injury to what Sid Vicious suffered at WCW Sin in January 2001. It certainly changed everyone's mood as we took an early intermission, and I later discovered that Gene Gatto was going to mention my jumper (as he did in December) until the accident. It also stopped the sign competition and the raffle being drawn.

But the quality of the card helped matters considerably. And I couldn't have been happier with the main event. This was the only time of the afternoon that my sign was noticed - and only because I called Chucky's attention to it, the O'Neal one, and he was quick to point it out to Steve. Unfortunately Steve didn't click. This was a great match. Chucky looked like he was in trouble when Steve Frost handcuffed him to the bottom rope. Luckily Chucky's girlfriend Brandi Bracks knocked O'Neal off the ladder. It earned her a pumphandle slam from Frost - but it also allowed a surprise appearance by Screaming Lord Lush, who released Chucky!! From there a big ladder was introduced, and Chucky managed to shove O'Neal off - and he grabbed the belt to win the match and BRING THE ASW TITLE BACK TO VICTORIA WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!!! I was standing on my chair in celebration, and I was lucky enough to be the first fan to slap hands with the new champion (I think!) as he left the ring exhausted.

Haka and Ox managed to hold down Double Impact despite a great effort by the twins. Another good match, and Haka got the harker in without interference as Ox kept the twins out of the ring.

Firestarter and Jayk'e Hook put on a terrific match for the TV title. They continued to work as Austen Young was wheeled out by ambulance officers in a classic case of "The Show must go on". Jayk'e probably played to the crowd a little too much in the finish, despite nailing the Hook Factor - a Face Jam from the top rope. He escaped the Burning Sensation the first time with his foot on the ropes, but he couldn't escape a second time and he tapped out. The Players, including Criss Fresh who has his voice back, celebrated - and Hook insisted that he present the TV title to Firestarter. A gallant and honourable loser.

Spike Steele is going to be a great wrestler. I'm sure of it. Sure, he lost his match to Krackerjak but I wouldn't worry about that. After all, it was Kracker's birthday, and no one was going to stop his celebration. But I draw the line at blowing those mini crackers in ears and mouths like he did on himself! Oh well, he's not called the Mad Bastard for nothing! *L*

The afternoon opened with the debut of Koshi Kazu. Not bad. His opponent was a new version of the Mad Dog. This was a good match, and yet it was probably the worst match of the card.

In other developments, Sebastian Walker wound up Commissioner Jim Demirov showing some old tapes of him "jobbing", trying to get a match. He got one all right - next month against the Commissioner himself! I cheekily put my hand up to referee the match when I spoke with Jim and also Rohan Herbstreit (after all I am training to be one right now!). I probably won't get the gig but there's no harm in asking!!

Talking of Rohan, he grabbed the microphone and thanked the fans given that this was ASW's first birthday. He then introduced the WWA's Jeremy Borasch, who then introduced four of the WWA's stars from the previous night's show at Rod Laver Arena. Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles and the two midgets, Teo and the loudmouth Puppet - who cleared the ring with the chip on his shoulder the size of the whole freaking Crown Casino! Later - partly as a result of the Austen Young accident - Jerry Lynn was good enough to answer questions from the crowd. I got my question in, and it was "Given that Smackdown now has a cruiserweight division, is there any chance of you returning to the WWF any time soon." I got the promised direct answer. "No." Hmmmmm. A bit of bad blood between Jerry and Vince McMahon maybe?

On the whole, I enjoyed myself. I'll make sure I get a better spot next time!