ASW March 10, 2002

1. Double Impact defeated Deliciously Cool when Frank Smooth pinned Stefan Cool after a shoulder high leg drop
2. TV Title Tournament Match One: White Wolf v Blade Runner - No Contest
3. TV Title Tournament Match Two: Firestarter pinned Jag after Steve Frost hit Jag with a title belt by accident
4. TV Title Tournament Match Three: Jayk'E Hook pinned King Haka after Double Impact hit Haka with a double drop kick from the top rope
5. The Bulldog, Jag & Steve Frost defeated Chucky, Austen Young & Krackerjak when Jag pinned Chucky after Steve O'Neal decked Chucky with his title belt


Oh boy, did I enjoy this show! It was ASW's Sunday debut, and it was a brilliant move that everyone appeared to appreciate. Local community TV station Channel 31 were on hand, as we had five matches, plus a dark match to wake everyone up.

That dark match, between a couple of rookies Spike Steel and Rave, was pretty good. They worked under the watchful gaze of their trainer, George Julio - and did a good job. I hate to second guess a hardened veteran like George, but I would think he would have been happy.

A local community radio station were also there for the pre show.

Steve O'Neal arrived with his arm in a sling, claiming a separated shoulder from an Adelaide Show, and I smelt a rat. The "What"'s flowed around the ring much to the frustration of the Croweaters, as O'Neal called off the six man tag main event. As he left the ring he reminded everyone who was the champ, especially one fan with whom he exchanged a few words. Oh BTW - that fan was none other than YOURS TRULY!!!! (I got the nose to nose I wanted, and I hope the Channel 31 cameras caught it!!!!)

But Commissioner Jim Demirov wasn't having any of that so O'Neal subbed himself with Jag, who was already in town for the TV title tournament. The main event lost all control with the referee just letting things go at one stage allowing triple teaming and a couple of weapons normally worth a DQ. But it needed three men to put the Bulldog through half a table anyway so that was perfectly fair in my book! Hehehehehehe! But the rat I smelt about O'Neal's shoulder was spot on as he got into the ring and decked Chucky with the ASW title belt! Jag took the gift, and crowd were not happy. But the Commish wasn't going to take that either. He quickly told O'Neal that he was coming back in April, and he would be defending his title in a Ladder Match - against Chucky! Then Chucky (bless him!) added a stipulation. BARBED WIRE WRAPPED AROUND THE ROPES!! And the Commish said YES!!! Despite a roar of protest from O'Neal. Well, you asked for it, you train surfing, head banging, Adelaide water drinking moron!!

Talking of the TV title tournament, we had three matches to decide on three participants in a triple threat match for the next show. Jag's inclusion in the main event meant that he ended up with two matches on the card - probably appropriate given that he was rated by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in their top 500 at number 275 (and the only Aussie in the entire list!). He took on Firestarter, and it looked like we were going to have a two on four with the rest of the SA morons in one corner, and Criss Fresh in the other. But Jim Demirov sent everyone back to the locker room. However O'Neal and Frost returned and O'Neal distracted the referee. But Firestarter ducked Frost's title belt shot and he got Jag instead! Firestarter took the gift much to my delight, and there was a little dissension in the ranks of the Croweaters after that!

The main action of the show started with Double Impact taking on Deliciously Cool. The twins, Frank Smooth and Ang Anarchy, took the win with that fantastic leg drop from Smooth, landing it from the top of Anarchy's shoulders on a helpless Stefan Cool. But the gang's bodyguard Ox didn't like that and ran in. King Haka quickly followed and faced off with his old nemesis. Ox went for a spear, and Haka sidestepped and one of the twins took the shot. But then Haka followed up!! HEEL TURN!!! That shocked Peter Farry who went to get an answer. Haka was about to slam him to the mat with a choke power bomb, but Jayk'E Hook was quick to put a stop to it. He appeared to make Haka see sense, but it was a set up for another sidestep and an Ox spear! Oh boy, the HO Express (no, I'm not making that up!) will be a formidable force!

Double Impact shot out a challenge to the Ho Express, which the big men treated with contempt. But they soon had reason to change their mind after the Twins stuck their nose into King Haka's tournament match against Jayk'E Hook. Hook was in real trouble for most of this match, but the referee was distracted by DI's arrival. Peter Farry left his position to try and get the referee back with the action, and meanwhile Double Impact collected Haka with a double drop kick from the top rope, giving Hook the win. The Ho Express were pissed off and changed their minds about the challenge real quick!!

The first match in the TV title tourney saw White Wolf take on his mystery opponent, Blade Runner - the former Mr.Saturday Night. This was a good match - until Titantic jumped in and took out both men (resulting in a no contest) allowing Sebastian Walker to state his case for a spot in the tournament. Jim Demirov told him exactly what he thought of him (eg an inflated ego) and point blank rejected his case. Cry baby Walker decided to stay in the ring until Jim changed his mind, but Chucky soon chased him out.

But after all that it will be Firestarter and Jayk'E Hook for the TV title next month.

All in all, it was a great show. The next ASW show will be on Sunday April 14.