ASW February 5, 2002

1. Firestarter defeated White Wolf by submission with the Burning Sensation
2. Deliciously Cool defeated King Haka & Krackerjack when Mark Delicious pinned Krackerjak after a DC Hart Attack
3. Sebastian Walker won a Cruiserweight Battle Royal which included Jimmy Mustang, Firestarter, Frank Smooth, Fuel, Fox, JC, Mozart and Mad Dog
4. Steve Frost pinned Chucky in a Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere No DQ match after a headbutt from the top rope
5. Steve O'Neal pinned Austen Young in a lumberjack match to retain the ASW heavyweight title after a Swanton Bomb


The first All Star Wrestling Show for 2002 took place at the All Star Cafe at Melbourne's Crown Casino last night. It was a good show all up in the finish. I stuck a sign in front of me which read "The Time Lord is in da house! Your time is up!" with my website down the bottom. My triple sign was a bit boring this time around, with my old NWE sign "Hell Yeah Chucky! We want Barbed Wire!" joined by "Hey O'Neal! Got Water?!" and "WHAT?!"

The first half of the show was somehow missing something. It wasn't hopeless and like December there were no real bombs. Rohan's former bodyguard, the White Wolf, made his wrestling debut against Firestarter. Even though he got beat he impressed me with his performance. I hope to see more of him.

King Haka was supposed to originally fight Ox, but that was delayed again after Haka attacked Ox in a hall way somewhere during the week. Ox was, and is acting as the bodyguard of Julian James and Deliciously Cool, Mark Delicious and Stefan Cool. The pair were put in a handicap match against Haka (they attacked Haka in the hallway in Ox's defence), and quickly had their hands full with a flat out Delicious having to cope with the harka over his face. When Haka got into trouble, Krackerjak ran out - and made the match a proper tag match. He ended up costing Haka the match after copping a good old fashioned Hart Foundation Hart Attack.

Perhaps the match I enjoyed the least was the Cruiserweight Battle Royal. Nine participants, including a few I didn't know, but Firestarter shouldn't have been in there! Luckily he was eliminated, but then Titanic injected himself into the match, and threw everyone except Sebastian Walker out! A bit of a cheap win for Walker - and a screw job for the others which frankly I didn't buy. But Walker now has a bodyguard as well, and he was sending a message to the back. Well, OK.

I enjoyed myself the most at the start of the show, when the train surfing, head banging, Adelaide water drinking moron Steve O'Neal came out with Steve Frost. I gave him heaps (and I wasn't the only one) and when Krackerjak came out to say his piece he was jumped by the pair. Austen Young came out to put a stop to it.

But the second half of the show was terrific. Obviously I was disappointed with Chucky getting pinned by Frost - mind you he got belted with O'Neal's title belt. But the match was a typical hardcore bash fest Chucky style! It was a falls count anywhere contest, and the match made it's way around the crowd, with the only potential ending when Frost put Chucky in a boston crab. The two big holy [oops!] moves were when Chucky went sailing over the top rope as Frost ducked, and smashed the commentary table, and when the pair climbed the small scaffold over the wrestler's entrance, and Chucky fell off through a table!! The fans preferred the first one, but I preferred the second.

The main event lumberjack match was also a beauty as both O'Neal and Young worked their butts off. Jim Demirov threw Frost away from ringside (Victorian lumberjacks only - then why was the White Wolf allowed to stay [he's from South Africa!]?). I loved Krackerjak's outfit - literally a lumberjack! The Bulldog turned on Young, and as a free for all started amongst the lumberjacks, Frost snuck back and powerbombed Young. Chucky ran in (he wasn't a lumberjack) and made him pay but as I watched that battle, O'Neal pinned Young to retain his title. After clearing the ring, Krackerjak and Chucky joined Haka in another harka - but Chucky gave up early and gave a Greek style dance instead around the other two!

I met a few of the wrestlers after the show, and I have to say I found Steve O'Neal to be a good bloke. And look out at the next show! We have a agreement to have a nose to nose! *Evil Laugh* Oh I'm going to milk that for all it's worth!!!

ASW is shifting to Sundays with the next show on March 10. I hope cricket umpiring doesn't get in the way. That's finals weekend.