ARPW December 11, 2004

1. Thunder Kid v Frankie the Frog - Frankie by pinfall after the Frog Splash
2. Craig Cole v Billy Blaze - Blaze by pinfall with an inside cradle
3. The Candyman v Rhino: ARPW Title Match - The Candyman by pinfall to retain the title after Rhino missed a top rope splash
4. Steve Valek & Vixen v Insano & Mozart: Mixed(?) Tag Team Match - Mozart & Insano by pinfall when Mozart pinned Vixen using the ropes
5. The Jungle Cat v Charlie Marciano - Jungle Cat by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
6. King Humungous & Mike Manson v George Julio & the Equalizer - King Humungous by DQ when Manson turned on his partner


The final show for 2004 was held last night before another smallish crowd - but they made plenty of noise when even slightly encouraged. And I got my tail kicked again!!

I had control of the main event which saw George Julio and his mystery partner - the Equalizer - take on Mike Manson and King Humongous. This was a good match, but Manson seemed to be a little restrained after Julio reminded him who trained him. He was happy to take out any frustration on the Equalizer, but he refused to punch the Hitman. However the King wasn't so shy - and he was belting him close to his corner when suddenly Manson locked his arm. Totally befuddled - I wanted to know what Manson was doing. I soon found out as Manson - just because the King was punching Julio - turned on his partner and started belting him. I had no choice but to call for the bell, assuming that the act was the fault of Julio - and DQed him and the Equalizer. A triple team started and the Equalizer sent me flying, and then Julio kicked me as I tried to get up and planted his boot on my throat! It took me awhile to get my breath back after that - perhaps that was a good thing as I think I might have got hit with Julio's favourite chair otherwise. He had it out as Manson demanded Humungus join them as a group and show the Hitman respect. The King refused and got his with the chair as a penalty. The Candyman and some other faces then came to the rescue - allowing me to get rid of the chair - and he challenged the Hitman and presumably Manson to a tag team match at the next show. And ARPW Commissioner Peter Farry fined Julio $500 (saving me the trouble!).

Before the match, Julio told the music man - the injured and wheelchair bound Jesus - that he was the one who told the Equalizer to deliberately injure him at the Maltese show three weeks ago! Talk about sick as!

My other matches on the night went well. I also controlled the other tag - a woefully named mixed tag when you consider Mozart was taking on a bloody female role! I made sure Vixen (who was making her wrestling debut) knew what she was getting into but she was happy to take Mozart on. There respective partners were Insano and Steve Valek, with Valek and Vixen being Melton residents. Vixen did quite well for her first match, but she lost. Insano stopped a pinfall attempt and then attacked Valek in the opposite corner. Mozart took a cover and Vixen was pinned - and Valek complained to me about Insano's attack, as well as Mozart apparently having his feet on the ropes!

I always have trouble with George Julio, but the Pitbull Craig Cole is rapidly becoming a Julio clone when it comes to treating referees with respect! He didn't belt me but he got in my face numerous times complaining about not getting a three count. He fought Billy Blaze and ended up paying for his cockiness when Blaze stopped a slam attempt with an inside cradle and got pinned! Furious, Cole got in face yet again before attacking Blaze after the bell and throwing him out of the ring. I quickly got out to assist him.

Chop Chop controlled the ARPW title match between the Candyman and Rhino - and at one stage I was wondering where my fellow referee's control was! Rhino brought a ringside chair into the ring, and hit the champion with it without even a fine let alone a DQ! And it was quite a shot as well. The match went outside and the Candyman got fired up - and returned a cracker of a shot with that chair! That didn't get penalised either, but that was at least consistent. The Candyman retained his title after Rhino went to the top rope for a splash but he missed it and knocked the wind out of himself - allowing the Candyman to take the gift.

The Jungle Cat had already complained to Peter Farry at the start of the show about Rhino's title shot, and he demanded a rematch - only to be told that he had to earn his shot. That thought pattern was still in his mind when he told Charlie Marciano that he was going to use him as a stepping stone. But it was "strictly business" and he offered to shake his hand before the match - only to slap his face! Marciano was the wrong person to do that to because he has an Italian temper that I for one wouldn't be firing up! At one stage Marciano returned the slap - a few on them to the Cat's head. But experience told in the end at the Jungle Cat got the victory after the Diamond Cutter, but he did have his feet on the ropes!

Frankie the Frog took on the Thunder Kid in another decent match (all the matches were solid on this show) which Frankie won after the Frog Splash - preceded by a Tombstone piledriver!

A good night to finish 2004 for ARPW.