ARPW October 23, 2004

1. Steve Valek v Frankie the Frog - Frankie by pinfall with a victory roll
2. Barry Bin Ladin v Wog Warrior - Warrior by pinfall after a press slam
3. Thunder Kid v Craig Cole - Cole by pinfall after a spear
4. George Julio v King Humungous - Humungous by DQ when Julio hit him with a rubbish bin
5. Rhino v Mike Manson: Johannesburg Rules Match - Manson by pinfall after a Stunner
6. Mozart & Insano v Charlie Marciano & Billy Blaze - Mozart & Insano by pinfall when Mozart pinned Blaze after hitting him with a spray can
7. The Candyman v the Jungle Cat: ARPW Dog Collar Chain Title on a Pole Match - The Candyman to win the title
8. Battle Royal - Rhino when George Julio eliminated himself

Another show down, and before I start on the show - I have to register my disgust in the behaviour of about 10 kids who were between 12 and 14 at ringside. They behaved like total idiots and were that close to being thrown out of the building by it's owner. He opted to sit with them to keep them in check, and that's his decision but if it had been me I would have ejected them. Hopefully they will be better behaved at the next show if they're there.

But onto the matches, and we have a new ARPW Australian champion. The dog collar chain match between the Jungle Cat and the Candyman wasn't a regulation dog collar match with the four corners rule, but rather it was a "title on a pole" match. The first man to get the title from the pole (which I had to put up and that was a bit of a problem!) would get the win. Jungle Cat had a whinge and was going to refuse to have the dog collar put on - but luckily Chop Chop and I had back up in the form of ARPW national president and ARPW World Champion Dominic Bianco. Once forced into it the Cat actually dominated the match, but he went the wrong option too late. The Candyman got his hand on the title belt just when the Jungle Cat managed to back suplex him from the top rope and he brought the title with him giving him the victory and the championship. That was one occasion the kids got a rare access to the ring at the new champion's invitation. Quite a celebration!

I also had control - if you could call it that - of the Johannesburg Rules Match between Rhino and Mike Manson. Both of them made use of a metal garbage bin, it's lid, cookie trays, a chair and a broom to make me cringe every time a shot connected (and prompting Peter Farry to observe that I was about to have a heart attack!). And a chain, which at one stage busted Rhino open. Manson won the match with a Stunner, but he wasn't finished as he refused to accept me raising his arm in victory. He went underneath the ring, and brought out a cricket bat wrapped in barbed wire! I couldn't get out of the ring quickly enough!! But George Julio ran out and put a stop to that and a double team started until King Humungous ran out and cleared the ring. A tag team match was signed on the spot but Julio decided to make his tag team partner a mystery partner.

That was after Chop Chop and I missed an opportunity to take action against the Hitman. He had gotten himself DQed for using a house rubbish bin on King Humungous during their match, and Chop Chop got manhandled by Julio again. I'm sure my fellow ref was going to do something, but Julio wouldn't listen and continued his assault on Humungous. I got out there to help out but before either of us could do anything Julio had left Humungous in a heap. We've had it, folks! And on the next show there WILL be action taken!

There were some changes to the card, and one of them was an extra match - a battle royal for the number one contenders spot for the title that is now the Candyman's. Mike Manson was eliminated by Rhino and Julio, but instead of locking up - Julio eliminated himself giving Rhino the title match against the Candyman at the next show.

The other match I refereed was the tag team match which saw Billy Blaze make his debut as a tag partner to Charlie Marciano against Mozart and Insano. Mozart and Insano won this one when Mozart pinned Blaze, but I didn't find out until later how he did it. He hit him with his spray can! Why did I let myself be distracted by a battle outside the ring between Marciano and Insano? They weren't the legal men!

Another extra match saw another debut, the Pitbull Craig Cole making his ARPW debut against the returning Thunder Kid. This was a fair match, which Cole won with a spear after Vixen - who had accompanied the Pitbull - distracted the Kid.

The match between Jesus and Jay Andrews was cancelled as Jay Andrews no showed, and Barry Bin Ladin had issued a special challenge to anyone in the back. OOOPS! He got the Wog Warrior! The power lifter tossed Bin Ladin all around the ring and dominated the match with the sneaky little man only getting some offence off the ground. Warrior finished it with a press slam, but then he was attacked by the equally massive Equalizer. The Warrior fended him off and the upshot of that is that they will have a match at the next show.

Frankie the Frog pinned Steve Valek with a victory roll in the other match, and Valek took it like a man.

The next show will be on December 11 - the last show for 2004.