ARPW August 7, 2004

1. Charlie Marciano v Mozart - Marciano by reverse DQ when Mozart pinned Marciano with his feet on the ropes
2. Insano v Jesus - Insano by pinfall after a moonsault
3. The Candyman & Chief Tomahawk v the Jungle Cat & the Equalizer - Candyman & Tomahawk by pinfall when Candyman pinned Jungle Cat after Jungle Cat missed a top rope splash
4. Rhino v Mike Manson - Double Countout
5. Jay Andrews & Steve Valek v George Julio & the Iron Horse - Andrews & Valek by pinfall when Valek pinned Iron Horse after a double drop kick
6. Royal Rumble - Charlie Marciano last eliminated Iron Horse

I have to say I was disappointed with the crowd at Melton last night. The show was worth more than the 150 odd that lobbed and PLENTY happened!

The Candyman announced his mystery tag team partner as the returning Chief Tomahawk - who was at Melton for the first time since August 31, 2002 (my debut night as a referee). The pair went after the Jungle Cat and the Equalizer, and it was the Cat who blew it. He went to the top rope - something the ARPW champion rarely does - and missed a splash. The Candyman took the gift and earned his return shot at the title. And the stipulation? A dog collar match!

Another match was signed for the next show after I had terrible trouble controlling two bulls - Rhino and Mike Manson. This match was a brawl from the get go, and I nearly lost my voice as the two men spent a lot of time outside the ring. Eventually one trip took too long and it was a double countout. But the brawl went on and Rhino sent me flying when I tried to break them up. I called for help from the back and got it - but even the wrestlers struggled to keep them apart! Rhino challenged Manson to a "Johannesburg Rules" match for the next show - which is basically a street fight. Anything goes.

Finally - it was a bad night for George Julio. He tagged up with his bodyguard Iron Horse against Jay Andrews and Steve Valek. The Hitman made his partner do all the work and I lost count of the number of times he refused to tag in. Finally Julio came in when Andrews nailed the Macho Man special to break up a certain pinfall, and the match promptly broke down. Even Ruby got involved, getting the Iron Horse with a low blow. Julio was left outside as the big man copped a double drop kick and Valek took the pinfall - Ruby making sure of it by holding Julio's leg to make sure he didn't interfere. Julio blasted his bodyguard and appeared to make him submit to it.

But that would come back to haunt the Hitman. The Royal Rumble involved 20 men coming in every 30 seconds - and pinfalls in the ring would also count as well as being thrown over the top rope. Julio drew number one and Iron Horse drew number two and he told his bodyguard to stay outside. But I wasn't having that, attracting Julio's wrath. By the time the Horse finally stepped in, number three was on his way - the Cremator. Both Julio and the Iron Horse survived as bodies went flying around them. The Equalizer was pinned by Rhino, before Manson arrived - and those two continued their battle even after they were both eliminated. Rhino was ejected by Manson, but Rhino yanked Manson out before either myself or Chop Chop could do anything. Chief Tomahawk drew number 20 but he was eliminated by the Jungle Cat. The Chief was happy to take that and looked to shake the Cat's hand - but it was a ruse. Out went the Cat! It was left to Julio, the Horse and Charlie Marciano. Suddenly Ruby arrived and tried to talk to the Iron Horse. Julio appeared to retain control as they worked over Marciano, but eventually Ruby got the big man thinking. He was about to chokeslam Charlie, but he stopped and - at Ruby's prompting - removed his mask. Julio was stunned, and then he got what was coming to him - a chokeslam! The Horse put Marciano on top and I counted three. The Horse then eliminated himself giving the Rumble to Marciano before challenging Julio to a match next show!

Compared to all that, the other two matches seemed like nothing. Insano defeated Jesus after a moonsault in a match that I controlled - and Insano included a coast to coast drop kick that didn't quite make it. In the other match, Mozart used the ropes to defeat Charlie Marciano - but Marciano and the crowd managed to convince Chop Chop what happened and he reversed the decision.