ARPW June 26, 2004

1. Frankie the Frog v Mike Manson - Frankie by pinfall after the Frog Splash
2. Rack Dogg v Steve Valek - Valek by pinfall after the Black Cross
3. Insano v Charlie Marciano - Marciano by pinfall after the spear
4. Jay Andrews v George Julio - Andrews by DQ when the Iron Horse interfered and chokeslammed the referee
5. Mozart & Full Blood v Jesus & The Fallen - Jesus & The Fallen by pinfall when the Fallen pinned Full Blood after the Critical Mass
6. The Candy Man v Jungle Cat: ARPW Title Match - Candy Man by DQ when the Equalizer manhandled the referee


An interesting night last night at Melton for ARPW's second show back since the hiatus. The crowd was down on the first show, which was disappointing with the show we had.

The main event saw the Candyman try and take the ARPW title off the Jungle Cat. I had this match, and luckily I didn't have too much trouble with Kurt Von Schnieder at ringside. But I did have a problem with the huge Equalizer, who diverted my attention when the Candyman shook off the Diamond Cutter and locked in the Abdominal Stretch - Mario Milano's move. Jungle Cat apparently submitted but I never saw it because the Equalizer just refused to move. The Candyman demanded an explanation but he got blasted by the Cat from behind. The Equalizer came into the ring and responded to my protest by sending me to the mat with a shove that had me on the floor - and calling for the bell. And then that rat Von Schneider stuck his cane right on my throat! By the time I got back into the ring the locker room had emptied of faces - and I raised the Candyman's arm. But he didn't get the title and that annoyed him something chronic. He wanted both the Cat and the Equalizer in a tag next show - and he got it courtesy of new ARPW commissioner Peter Farry. And not only that, if that team of the Cat and the Equalizer got beaten the Candyman would get another title shot in a match of his choosing! The icing on the cake was the threat of a $5000 fine and an indefinite suspension for anyone who interfered in the tag!

In my other matches, Insano got way too over confident - not going for the cover after he nailed a moonsault. He paid for it as he gave Charlie Marciano the time to recover, get up, and nail the spear for the victory.

And Mike Manson made a similar mistake - getting all hot and bothered with Farry for having to fight on the opening match of the card, and taking it out on Frankie the Frog - only to miss a Macho Man special. Frankie nailed the Frog Splash and he got the three count despite Manson getting in my face telling me it was a two count only.

In the other matches, Jay Andrews was looking for retribution on George Julio after he tried to carry off his valet Ruby at the last show. He didn't get it, thanks mostly to Iron Horse who interfered. The referee didn't see it straight away as he was getting Ruby out of the ring after she was thrown into the corner by Julio as a penalty for stopping him from using his precious chair to mash Andrews. But when Chop Chop did see what was going on, Iron Horse chokeslammed HIM for the DQ.

An out of the blue change in both Full Blood (who had turned heel) and The Fallen (who'd done the opposite) made an interesting tag match. Jesus and The Fallen got the win despite earlier getting a huge crossbody block from the top rope to the floor from Full Blood. The Fallen got the pin after nailing Full Blood with the Critical Mass.

In the other match, Rack Dogg also turned heel on Melton's own Steve Valek. But that did no good as Valek got the victory with his Black Cross power bomb.