ARPW May 8, 2004

1. Mozart v Jesus - Mozart by pinfall after the Harmonic Pause
2. Thunder Kid v Charlie Marciano - Marciano by pinfall after a spear
3. Mike Manson v Steve Valek - Manson by pinfall after a spear
4. Rack Dogg v George Julio - Rack Dogg by DQ when Julio attacked the referee
5. Full Blood v The Fallen - Full Blood by pinfall with a roll up
6. The Cremator & Jungle Cat v Jay Andrews & the Candy Man - Andrews & Candy Man by reverse decision DQ when Cremator hit Candy Man with a chair


ARPW returned to the Melton Indoor Sports Centre with a good crowd welcoming wrestling back to Melton.

The main event saw the Candy Man and Jay Andrews (formerly known as Mad Rock) take on the Cremator and the new ARPW champion, Jungle Cat. It is understood that the Cat was awarded the title when the former champion Steve Frost could not be contacted. The Candy Man had to win this one - without using the Chupa Chup (AKA Frog Splash) - or he would have to retire. The match was even until Andrews was distracted by George "Hitman" Julio grabbing his valet Ruby and trying to carry her off. He got bashed for his trouble in the aisle, leaving the Candy Man on his own. The Cremator tried to deck the Candy Man with a chain, but got the Cat instead. The referee was distracted (it was Chop Chop) as the Candy Man nailed the Chupa Chup. Cremator decided to count the three - completely tricking the Candy Man - and then decked him with a chair. Jungle Cat took the gift, before the pair of them proceeded to bash the daylights out of the Candy Man again. It took a four man run in to break that up - and new ARPW owner Mick Glasser reversed the decision to a DQ victory for the Candy Man and Jay Andrews. That qualified the Candy Man for a title match next show, and Glasser paid for it as the Cremator bashed him up outside the ring.

My action took place in three matches. Jesus and Mozart fought a good battle in the show opener, with Mozart getting the win with the Harmonic Pause. Mike Manson fought Steve Valek - who was replacing an injured Rhino (courtesy of last week's show in Adelaide), and got the win with a spear. The Fallen paid the penalty for carelessness, when he made a cover too close to the ropes and Full Blood took advantage. The Fallen was quickly in my face about it, and Full Blood schoolboyed him and got the three count. Served him right!

In the other two matches, Charlie Marciano had the crowd right on his side against the Thunder Kid - including screaming girls! He got the victory with a spear as well, but both wrestlers had to concentrate as the Cremator and the Jungle Cat came out to observe the two new boys. After the match, Kurt Von Schneider (Jungle Cat's manager) said that he was impressed with both of them - and that they would make great additions to his stable. NOT! The two men threw the two rookies out of the ring, and Chop Chop and I helped them both to the back.

George Julio also had Von Schneider in his corner - as well as a masked monster called Iron Horse - for his match against the Rack Dogg. This one was a DQ victory for the Rack Dogg when the referee remonstrated with Julio for the interference of Iron Horse, and got his head thrown into the corner for his efforts. And not only did Julio lose by DQ, he was also stung with a $200 fine - something that the Hitman came back out to complain about while I was waiting for Full Blood and The Fallen! First chance I got I told him to get out of there!

It was great to see Peter Farry back for the first time since April 2003 at the SGA show. But I wasn't very impressed when he introduced me as Phil Gaylord - right out of Stephan Cool's book! Thanks a lot, Peter! Really appreciated that!