ARPW February 22, 2003

1. Barry Bin Ladin v Frankie the Frog - Bin Ladin by pinfall after a Senton Bomb
2. Mozart v Insano - Mozart by pinfall after a Sidewalk Slam
3. Panos v Silekta - Panos by pinfall after an elbow drop
4. Mike Manson & Rhino v Steve Valek & the Rack Dogg - Manson & Rhino by pinfall when Rhino pinned Valek after a splash from the top rope
5. Ricky Diamond v Schroder - Diamond by pinfall after the Diamond Cutter
6. Stephan Cool v Krackerjack - Krackerjack by pinfall after the Britney Spear
7. Jimmy Mustang v Thunder Kid - No Contest
8. Jimmy Mustang v George Julio - Mustang by DQ when Julio clotheslined the referee
9. Jungle Cat v Skyhawk - Jungle Cat by pinfall after Skyhawk was shoved from the top rope by Steve Frost
10. The Candy Man v Steve Frost: ARPW Title Match - Candy Man by DQ when Jungle Cat interfered


Melton has started again for 2003!

The rumour about Krackerjack's title shot was not quite right, but the match didn't take place. The Candy Man demanded a title shot instead, and got it. Frost had only Jungle Cat for support as his manager Rohan Herbstreit wasn't there, but that proved to be enough for Frost to remain champion - despite the best efforts of the Candy Man's valet Sherbet Bomb. Her shots to Jungle Cat's back were ineffective. But the Jungle Cat got Frost DQed when he jumped the Candy Man when he had him beat after a headbutt from the top rope. That led to a post match attack where the Cat decided he wanted a kiss from Sherbet Bomb - or the Candy Man would hurt even more than he already was in a Frost Camel Clutch. That got him a slap instead. Krackerjack ran in but he was beaten down and Barry Bin Ladin got into the fray, however it was Skyhawk's arrival that cleared the ring - and that led to a challenge for a tag team match between Candy Man & Skyhawk and the Jungle Cat & Frost at the next show. Kracker also wanted a piece of Bin Ladin (don't we all??)

That was after Frost helped Jungle Cat get a cheap win over Skyhawk, who looked good after nearly two years out of the ring. And his chops hadn't lost their venom either - Peter Farry labelling them almost as good as the master himself, Ric Flair. I was also delighted to see Skyhawk pull his trademark entrance to the ring, the Moonsault onto his feet.

The promoters also changed the card to give a rookie called the Thunder Kid his chance, against Jimmy Mustang. But George Julio was not going to have a bar of that, and after pleading his case he bashed the Kid over the head with a chair before fireman's carrying him to the back. It looked like there wasn't going to be a match at all, but Julio returned - wearing the Kid's mask!! Mustang won it by DQ when an angry Hitman stunned referee Chop Chop with a clothesline. It stunned him so much he forgot to call for the bell!

I had a reasonable night as the third man in the ring. Barry Bin Ladin fought the deaf mute Frankie the Frog in the place of Jesus. Frankie did well against this unknown crack pot, but Bin Ladin won the match with a Senton Bomb. I wasn't happy about it though, because the evidence suggested that he'd used powder in the eyes to set it up. But it was also my own fault for letting that loudmouth Gene Gatto get to me with his snide remarks - especially as he was yet to pay for dacking me back in October (that didn't exactly help!)

I had trouble keeping both Stephan Cool and Krackerjack in line, with more than one low blow and a couple of Testicular Claws to deal with. Stephan even threatened to put one on me, but I wasn't going to take that! Kracker missed the Britney Spear, and ended up flat on his back after colliding with the corner. I was caught out of position and caught Krackers feet to the side of my head when Stephan picked him up for a slam. Something happened behind my back (I subsequently found out that Mozart had tried to spray Fa into Kracker's face, but he ducked and Stephan got sprayed) and then Kracker nailed the Britney Spear and I was back to log the three count.

The other match I had was Panos and Silekta. Panos was in fact an experienced wrestler who was coming back after two years off. This match was the worst of the three, complete with a scrappy finish. Panos won it after a dropping an elbow.

In other matches, Ricky Diamond pinned Schroder after a Diamond Cutter, and Mozart pinned Insano after a sidewalk slam.

The next show is on March 29, and ARPW will have to make do with Daniel Beaumont and Chop Chop as I won't be there due to my interstate trip to Adelaide and Perth.

That show never took place and ARPW went into a hiatus.