ARPW November 30, 2002

1. Stephan Cool & Mozart v Jesus & Silekta - Cool & Mozart by pinfall when Mozart pinned Silekta after Cool drop kicked Mozart on top of Silekta when Mozart was about to be slammed.
2. Jimmy Mustang v Ang Anarchy - Anarchy by pinfall after a splash from the top rope
3. Insano v Frankie the Frog - Frankie by pinfall after the Frog Splash
4. Steve Valek v Mike Manson - Valek by submission with the Tazzmission
5. T-Cup v Rack Dog - Rack Dog by pinfall I don't know how as I missed this match
6. Firestarter v George Julio: Lumberjack Match - Firestarter by pinfall with a roll up
7. The Candy Man & Krackerjack v Jungle Cat & Steve Frost - Candy Man & Krackerjack by pinfall when Candy Man pinned Jungle Cat with a roll up
8. Battle Royal - Krackerjack last eliminating Jungle Cat and Steve Frost


I came home exhausted after the latest Melton show, and small wonder!!

I had two matches, and that included the lumberjack match between George Julio and Firestarter - the feud settler between the two. But you might as well have made it eight on eight with 12 lumberjacks on the outside!! So I had to watch where I was going an incredible amount!

But another factor in the exhaustion was the atmosphere! It was GREAT! The crowd got right into this one, giving the Hitman heaps and getting right behind Firestarter. And the enthusiasm of the face lumberjacks also helped. During the match I tried to count the Hitman down, but I was yanked off my count by Mozart, who quickly took off to cover his tracks! The finish came when Ang Anarchy jumped onto the apron when he saw Rohan with a chair. I didn't see the chair, but I had to get Ang off the apron. Behind my back, Firestarter was knocked flat with the chair. George figured he had the match won, and took way too long to take the pinfall. And when he did, he just laid on top of him. Firestarter was playing possum and rolled him up. I counted three - and Melton Indoor Sports Centre almost exploded! That was a great match, a pleasure to be the third man in the ring for it - but I was pissed off that there was no video camera!! And I wasn't the only one.

My other match was Steve Valek and Mike Manson. Manson constantly complained about my counting, and it ended up costing him. He went for a Stunner, but Valek pushed him off and on the rebound from the corner Manson was trapped in the Tazzmission. Manson refused to tap, but he was knocked out. I dropped his arm three times and called for the bell. Valek - under my instructions - woke Manson up, and he was pissed off and took it out on me. I had to get out of the ring quick smart otherwise I would have been flattened!

Then there was the battle royal. No major hassles there, and it was me who got into the ring to raise the arm of the winner - Krackerjack. I had to hold the Jungle Cat and Steve Frost - the last two out - back at different stages as they both wanted to get back into the ring. Kracker was only too happy to beat on Frost but I kept him at bay - even when Kracker climbed the rope as Frost was heading for the lockers, trapping me there as well.

Again, I didn't get to see all the matches beyond the first intermission. I did see Stefan Cool and Mozart get the win over Jesus and Silekta, when Julian James got Silekta with the Fa whilst Daniel Beaumont was occupied with Jesus. Cool knocked Mozart on top of Silekta with a drop kick and Mozart took the win for the team. But Mozart was still unable to get in between Cool and James!

Ang Anarchy and Jimmy Mustang ended up fighting each other rather than as a team in a handicap match - and the crowd took a liking to Anarchy with his flying. Mustang was a good sport post match after he was beaten with a splash from the top rope.

The other matches - as I am told - saw Frankie the Frog pin Insano with the Frog Splash, and the Candy Man and Krackerjack beat the Jungle Cat and Steve Frost when Daniel Beaumont took a shove from the Cat, and he returned the shove allowing the Candy Man to roll up his adversary for the victory. Rohan very quickly went to the back to get some help, and the result was an empty locker room as the Battle Royal started. I know the Rack Dogg defeated T-Cup (who replaced Fabio) but I don't know how.

Nevertheless, a fantastic night and a great way to finish 2002 for ARPW. Hopefully 2003 will be even better.