ARPW October 26, 2002

1. 69 v Krackerjack - Krackerjack by pinfall after the Sky High
2. Stephan Cool v Rack Dogg - Cool by pinfall after the Mirror Image
3. Frankie the Frog v T-Cup - Frankie by pinfall after the Frog Splash
4. Steve Valek & Jesus v Mozart & Insano - Valek & Jesus by pinfall when Valek pinned Insano after a power bomb
5. Fabio v Silekta - Silekta by pinfall after a big boot and leg drop combination
6. Firestarter v George Julio: Chair on a Pole Match - Julio by pinfall after he hit Firestarter with the chair a second time
7. The Candy Man & Frankie the Frog v Jungle Cat & Mike Manson - Candy Man & Franky by pinfall when Franky pinned Manson after the Rocket Launcher
8. The Cremator v Steve Frost: ARPW Title Match - No Contest


It was quite a night for me at Melton at the latest ARPW show.

I had three matches, but it wasn't the three I expected.

I started the night with the second match, my old enemy Stefan Cool against the Rack Dogg. And I had both Julian James and the besotted Mozart at ringside to worry about as well. This was after the return of Ox, who came out unannounced just in front of me as I was introduced! Stefan had good control over the rookie until he found himself on Dream Street and in a spin he trapped me in the corner. The Rack Dogg squashed the pair of us three times, and I ended up on my knees on Dream Street myself. I got back just in time to see Cool nail the Mirror Image and I counted three. Mozart wanted the celebrate with Cool and James but neither of them wanted anything to do with him. Mozart complained about that to me of all people (as I said to him, "What could I do about it?"). But he got the next best thing. A tag match next month with Mozart's tag partner - Stefan Cool!

I stayed in the ring as Peter Farry introduced Frankie the Frog. This was a great moment as Peter informed the crowd that Frankie was now a fully active wrestler, despite being 100 percent deaf and mute. The applause was the loudest of the night (I also clapped) but the applause was interrupted by another wrestler, T-Cup. At first, T-Cup wanted the shake Frankie's hand, but suddenly he attacked him - and we had an impromptu match as I advised Peter to clear out of the ring. Frankie fought back, nailed a few moves including a spinning heel kick before finishing things off with a Frog Splash.

My next appearance was the match between the returning Silekta, and the debuting Fabio. This was a relatively even match up, but Fabio paid for his showing off to the crowd when he was flattened with a big boot and a leg drop (a la Puke Hogan except the leg drop was quick rather than off the ropes). Silekta hooked him up and I counted the three.

I stayed in the ring again as the pole was attached to the ring for Chair on a Pole match. After the chair fell off, clonking one of the crew on the shoulder, they finally got it up. Firestarter was facing George Julio in a rematch from the last show - my debut match as well. But did the Hit Man want me in there? NO! He brought out referee Chop Chop, and told me to get out. I wasn't moving, despite the support of George's manager Rohan Herbstreit who demanded that I be replaced. Julio emphasised his point by giving me a shove, and I responded by hitting him with a $100 fine, further pissing him off! But then Firestarter agreed to the change, because it didn't matter to him. I reluctantly agreed, but I smelt a rat, so I took the offered seat at the commentary table to observe the match myself.

And my concerns were confirmed as Chop Chop clearly showed that he'd been paid off, favouring Julio with his officiating. He did nothing when the Hit Man broke the rules, but he was all over Firestarter. And his counting! Once the chair was introduced, Firestarter had a great chance to finish the match with the chair. But despite the crowd wanting him to hit Julio, he opted to be a sport and take his offered hand. He quickly paid for that, and ended up sconed with the chair. Rohan entered the ring, and picked up the chair for a second shot, but Firestarter ducked and Julio took the shot. But instead of going for the cover, Firestarter went after Herbstreit. Julio got the chair and got Firestarter a second time, and that did it. I was not impressed and I was already on my feet, but there really wasn't much I could do - except give Chop Chop an earful for his performance. It was me who looked after a battered Firestarter post match, and he wanted another shot at the Hit Man. He got it, in a Lumberjack Match. And I will make sure that Chop Chop doesn't get that match!!

My night wasn't over after that. The main event saw the Cremator get a rematch against Steve Frost to try and regain the ARPW title. But when referee Daniel Beaumont was cleaned up, the Cremator got Frost and planted him. He went for the cover and I ran in to make the count. But Gene Gatto got out of his position, and dacked me! He tried to throw my trousers into the ring, but luckily they landed on the floor and I retrieved them. Meanwhile the heels had attacked the ring and I struggled to get my trousers back on. Finally when I did a battle royal had broken out. All three referees tried to break things up, and I got belted and sent to the floor in the process by George Julio. Eventually the faces cleared the ring, and myself and Chop Chop kept the faces back as Daniel sent the heels back to the locker room. The match was a no contest.

With such a busy night, I didn't see the other matches. But I know that Krackerjack got 69 with the Sky High in the opening match. Dark Angel wasn't at the show, so Steve Valek had to settle for Mozart tagging up with Insano against him and Jesus. And the good guys got the win there. And Chief Tomahawk was another no show, so the Candy Man enlisted the services of Frankie the Frog to take out the team of Mike Manson and the Jungle Cat with a Rocket Launcher on Manson.

My best friend saw the show until the middle of the Chair on a Pole match. Pity he didn't get to see the dacking! I'll get the tape and show him when I get the chance! A good night!