ARPW August 31, 2002

1. Mike Manson v Insano - Manson by submission with the Ankle Lock
2. Deliciously Cool v Jesus & Rack Dogg - Jesus & Rack Dogg by pinfall when Jesus pinned Mark Delicious with a reverse roll up
3. Mozart v Krackerjack - Mozart by pinfall after Krackerjack was slammed by 69 while the referee was blinded
4. Dark Angel v Loco v Steve Valek: Triple Threat Match - Valek by DQ when Insano interfered after Loco had to leave the match with a knee injury
5. George Julio v Firestarter - Julio by pinfall after being hit with a cricket bat while the referee was down
(This was my debut match as a referee)

6. Jungle Cat v The Candy Man - The Candy Man by pinfall after a back suplex from the first rope
7. Steve Frost v The Cremator: ARPW Title Match - Frost by pinfall to win the title after the Cremator was triple teamed while the referee was distracted


Well, I did it!

Out of the seven matches on the card I only got to actually see five, four as a spectator, and the fifth as the third man in the ring even though I had a small part in one of the other two matches.

And I needed that small part as that got rid of some of the nervous energy I had, and I was all set when Peter Farry introduced "The Time Lord - Philip Gluyas" as the referee for the match between George Julio and Firestarter. And it also helped when the music man stuffed up and played George's music first when it should have been Firestarter's! Well, we went with it and no one else knew about the error.

The match took awhile to actually start as George was trying to get support from the crowd - and not getting it - and Firestarter wasn't altogether happy and was asking me to get him to stop it - which really I couldn't. Eventually they locked up and Firestarter backed Julio into the ropes. I tried to get them to break, but when they wouldn't I got in between them and George blasted Firestarter over my head. That's the way the match started and I was into it. There was a bit of action outside the ring, and my throat got dry as I counted so much Peter Farry and Gene Gatto were making fun of it! But I had to work to keep the grin off my face when Peter observed that I reminded him of a young Tony Marino - one of the doyens of world refereeing and the very guy I was actually using as a guide for my own performance!

Cut to the end of the match, as frustration boiled over and the two got into a slug fest. I was calling on them to stop punching but finally I'd had enough - and hooked Julio's arm. That gave Firestarter a free shot at George, and George used his elbow to push me into the corner. Firestarter went for a clothesline, George dodged and Firestarter collected me instead!

Next thing I know, I'm being woken up by someone outside the ring. Firestarter is flat out, and George is going for the cover. I crawled over but before I could get into proper position, Julio grabbed my hand and made the three count himself. I called for the bell as Firestarter wasn't moving. George then dragged me to my feet and made me raise his arm even though I was still battered and dizzy. I then stumbled out of the ringside area, and caught sight of Rohan Herbstreit, who was obviously the person who woke me up, as I left and was helped backstage by the head of the ring crew.

What happened as I subsequently discovered was that Rohan had provided George with a cricket bat that he'd broken over Firestarter's head. It led to a challenge for a "Chair on a Pole" match at the next show. Everyone backstage who saw the match heaped accolades onto me for my debut. I couldn't have been happier - and my wife (who was present) was also rapt for me. (I was quick to re-assure her that was OK).

All the major action was in the two main events. The Jungle Cat fought the Candy Man, and the Candy Man had trouble getting the victory because of Rohan's constant distracting. Finally he'd had enough a called for a time out - and he brought back Chief Tomahawk. The Chief got rid of Rohan, and a horrified Jungle Cat was back suplexed off the second rope and the Candy Man got the victory. Rohan returned with Mike Manson and we had a post match barney which led to a tag challenge at the next show.

The main event saw two legit tough men, the Cremator and Steve Frost go at it with the ARPW title on the line. The Cremator had the match won but Rohan was again in the thick of it, having the referee out of the ring and completely distracted. And with Adora out of the picture (Frost had suplexed her just before) the Cremator was free meat for Manson and the Jungle Cat to run in. George Julio soon followed and all of them beat on the Cremator. The Candy Man, Chief Tomahawk and Firestarter ran in to chase the intruders out of the ring, but Frost took the gift and the title. The Cremator was furious and demanded a return match - and got it.

The night opened with Mike Manson taking on Insano and Manson getting the win with a suplex. And Deliciously Cool busted up big time after the two collided leading to Mark Delicious getting pinned by the Rack Dogg giving him and Jesus a big victory. Delicious and Stephan Cool got into a fight, and I didn't see much more than that as I assisted others with Jesus backstage as he had hurt his ankle. But Mozart was at ringside during the match, and apparently he and Cool are now a team for some reason as Cool has a match with Rack Dogg at the next show one on one - and Mozart is scheduled to be in Cool's corner. I know that because that's a match that I will be the third man in the ring for.

The two matches I missed were Mozart and Krackerjak, although I was watching just in case as Stephan and Julian came to ringside looking for Cool's bowtie, with Stephan wearing nothing more than a towel! I thought Kracker might have seized that opportunity but he didn't get it.

Then there was the triple threat match. I didn't see it, but I do know that Loco blew his knee. Referee Daniel Beaumont called for assistance and I was out there like a shot, with the other referee a little slower to react!! But we got him backstage (that was my other appearance of the night- and my arrival was called "fastest referee in the west"!) I also know that Insano ran in after that and got the Dark Angel disqualified in what was a heel turn for him. Steve Valek, who won the match via the DQ, demanded a match. I think the promoters are looking at a tag match, but I'm not sure at this stage.

All in all a good night. I was delighted with my debut, and it could be the start of bigger things for me - provided of course that I don't get too cocky and keep my feet on the ground! The next show isn't until October 26, due to the AFL grand final on September 28, and ASW making their return on October 5.