ARPW July 27, 2002

1. Deliciously Cool v Ang Anarchy & T-Cup - Deliciously Cool by pinfall when Mark Delicious pinned Anarchy after a Hart Attack
2. Rack Dogg v Mike Manson - Rack Dogg by submission with the STF
3. Insano v Jesus - Jesus by pinfall after a power bomb
4. Mozart v Rhino - Rhino by pinfall after a power bomb
5. Steve Frost v Firestarter - Frost by pinfall after a head butt from the top rope
6. Jungle Cat v The Cremator: ARPW Title match - The Cremator by reverse decision DQ to retain the title after Jungle Cat hit the Cremator with a foreign object
7. Silekta & the Candy Man v Ox & George Julio - Silekta & Candy Man by pinfall when Candy Man pinned Ox after Julio hit him accidentally with a chair


The latest ARPW card took place on Saturday July 27 at the Melton Indoor Sports Centre. I'd book a seat next time to get the front seat, but after tonight I don't think I'll need to book!

But first, the card. It was a good one, and there was no Gene Gatto - due to some sort of restraining order by the wife of the Mayor of Melton! Lord Lush took his place and did a good job.

Justice was served after the reverse decision last month when George Julio tried to hit the Candy Man with a chair and he avoided the blow for Ox to take it. The three count followed and Ox was browned off!

The Jungle Cat nearly caused a monster upset when Lord Lush, who was managing him later in the night, gave him some black object. The three count was made and the Cat got the title, but the Candy Man talked referee Daniel Beaumont around and the decision was reversed to a DQ. The Jungle Cat was furious and demanded a match against the Candy Man at the next show.

Rohan Herbstreit accompanied the new ASW champion Steve Frost to the ring and was back to heel again (and making the same mistake about Bordertown!!! Bob Hawke would not be a happy person!!!). He faced ASW TV champ Firestarter and Frost was his usual reliable self. Firestarter worked hard, but a power bomb finished him off.

Frost appeared later in the night and attacked the Cremator after the reverse decision, and got himself a title shot at the next show because he was after ALL the gold that was around.

I forgot the Mortein again!! Result, I copped the Fa from the reunited Tastelessly Uncool as they took on Ang Anarchy and T-Cup. Frank Smooth is out for virtually the rest of the year with a wrist injury, but he was watching the match which Deliciously Cool won after a Hart Foundation style Hart Attack. However Mark Delicious did have his feet on the ropes to hold down Anarchy!

Mike Manson made his debut and fought well against the Rack Dogg. But Manson has to HATE that STF after he tapped out to it. Well, he hates everything else!!

Krackerjak had a concussion and called on Rhino to replace him against Mozart, much to the shock of the resident faggot! Rhino played with him - and I don't mean THAT way - before deciding enough was enough and slamming on a power bomb. Mozart did get some advantage with a low blow, but it ended up being no good for him.

In the other match, Insano - formerly known as Justin Sane - took on Jesus, who was over with the crowd. Jesus got the win with a power bomb after a good match.

It was an interesting night for me. I played the mark fan, but twice during the show I had to switch to security mode. Three times actually. First, an unknown fellow stood at ringside giving an earful to either Firestarter or Frost. I wasn't sure at first, but when it was obvious that he wasn't part of the show I escorted him away. Second, a fellow was giving Jungle Cat and Lush an earful, and I blocked his way to following them out to the lockers to give the guys a chance to get back. But he followed them and a couple of the bigger boys acted. No problems though, and my help was appreciated.

The next show is on August 31, and if a certain person has any say in it (no names) PHIL MAKES HIS DEBUT AS A ZEBRA THEN! WOOHOO!! I'd better get a shift on and get a shirt!