ARPW June 22, 2002

1. Jesus v Mozart v Krackerjak: Triple Threat Match - Mozart by pinfall when he pinned Krackerjak after hitting him with his perfume dispenser.
2. Frankie the Frog v Firestarter - Firestarter by submission with the Burning Sensation
3. Dark Angel v Loco - Loco by pinfall after a reverse DDT
4. Deliciously Cool v Titanic & White Trash - Deliciously Cool by pinfall when Mark Delicious pinned Titanic after he was sprayed in the face with Fa by Julian James
5. Justin Sane v Rack Dogg - Rack Dogg by submission with the STF
6. Thai Quon Joe v The Sarge - Joe by submission with an arm bar
7. Steve Valek v Jungle Cat - Jungle Cat by pinfall after the Cat Scratch Fever
8. The Candy Man & Silekta v George Julio & Ox - Candy Man & Silekta by reverse decision DQ after Julio blatantly belted the referee
9. The Cremator v Dungeon Master: ARPW Title Match - The Cremator by pinfall to win the title after an elbow from the top rope
10. Battle Royal - Jungle Cat last eliminating Mark Delicious and Krackerjak


Plenty of rookies had their chance to shine at the ARPW show at the Melton Indoor Sports Centre, alongside some of All Star Wrestling's stars and a couple of international wrestlers. The tempreture was low in the venue, but high in the action despite the ring lights going out twice! Peter Farry and Gene Gatto were joined in commentary throughout the night by Melton resident, former Cop Shop star and ex-husband to Paula Duncan, John Orcsik.

The Cremator become the new Melton champion after he managed to upend the Dungeon Master and then he issued a challenge to the winner of the following Battle Royal. That gave everyone an excuse to get in there, including the former champion. But he lasted until the last four before being triple teamed and triple eliminated by Mark Delicious, Krackerjak and the Jungle Cat. Jungle Cat then went on to win when he took advantage of Delicious trying to eliminate the Mad Bastard and pitched both of them out, and got himself a title match. There were at least two rookies in the battle, Fabio and Mike Manson (who looked ready to take out the referee when he was eliminated!!), but there were two guys that I didn't know in there including one behind a mask. It could have been Koshi Kazu but I'm not sure.

The other main event saw George Julio and the Ox take on the Candy Man and rookie Silekta who took the place of Chief Tomahawk in his wrestling debut. I took great delight in giving George heaps and Screaming Lord Lush made a surprise appearance in the corner of the heels. The kids loved the Candy Man and took to the Silekta's rap style attitude like a duck to water. The heels dominated until the good guys fought back, when referee Daniel Beaumont was blatantly decked by the Hit Man! That should have been an instant DQ, but instead he counted down the Silekta after the bad guys blasted both men with chairs! What a screw job! But then one of the international visitors, the huge Sarge, came in and told the referee what had happened. That resulted in a reverse decision victory for the Candy Man and the Silekta. Justice was done!

There were another seven matches, and did we have to put up with Mozart??? A character called Jesus (that name caused a few laughs in the crowd) and Krackerjak weren't impressed either, but Kracker got up the guts to give the faggot a kiss!! I was almost in tears of laughter over that one, and I called to him and asked him if he wanted some mouth freshener!! But Mozart lucked out with a victory after he spent most of the match on the outside whilst the other two had a match (!!!!).

I had my usual exchange of words with my old enemies Deliciously Cool. The instant Stefan Cool spied me he was onto me like a shot and I was more than willing to reply, and hold my nose as he showed off his muscles. Tastelessly Uncool got the win over Titanic (a face in Melton - very different on the next ASW show!) and White Trash, thanks to that wretched Fa. I knew those guys would be there - and I forgot to take the can of Mortein!! That will NOT happen again!

The Sarge fought a fellow called Tai Quon Joe (I hope I spelt that right), both of whom are champions in their respective overseas promotions. This wasn't a bad match but I fancy the pair of them struggled a bit in the smaller ring. Joe got the cheap win when he took advantage of a downed referee to use his belt to deck the Sarge. He locked in an arm bar submission and the Sarge failed to respond to a three arm drop. Fabio and the Silekta came in to help the referee get the Sarge back to the locker room.

Three Melton locals made their debut, although one was introduced from "Parts Unknown". That was Loco, who took on another local, the Dark Angel, in a great match - probably the best in the first seven - which Loco won with a reverse DDT.

The other local was Steve Valek, who squared off against the eventual Battle Royal winner Jungle Cat. Steve also has a great future and could probably be ready for an ASW debut (Rohan Herbstreit was present at the show - he was actually in the Battle Royal!!). Jungle Cat got the win with a couple of quick knees in the bread basket in the ropes followed by Cat Scratch Fever - better known to wrestling nuts as the Diamond Cutter made famous by Diamond Dallas Page.

Frankie the Frog (what a name!) had his hands full against the reigning ASW TV champion Firestarter and it ended up that way with Firestarter getting the win with the Burning Sensation submission hold.

I don't know this Justin Sane (get it? Probably a take off of Justin Credible) but he was clearly more experienced than the debuting Rack Dogg, despite the Dogg getting a win on debut with his version of the STF.

All in all, this was a great show. The only problem was that it ran late, finishing closer to midnight than 11pm (and I ended up getting to bed at about 1.30am!!). The next show is on Saturday July 27. I'll be there no matter what, but I get the impression that I'm not far off making my debut in the stripes and it could be then!! Who knows? But I'm not counting my chickens yet. I haven't got a proper pair of boots yet, or a shirt although hopefully I'll resolve that one sometime in the next week.